NeverTrumper Proclaims: “We Are All Democrats Now.”


Neo-conservative Bill Kristol has devoted the last four years of his life to an effort to “save” the Republican Party from Donald Trump, and now he’s gone even further than that. In a Twitter post reacting to the Senate’s vote not to call witnesses for Trump’s impeachment trial, the former Weekly Standard editor said he was throwing his lot in with the Democrats.

“Not presumably forever; not perhaps for a day after Nov. 3, 2020; not on every issue or in every way until then. But for the time being one has to say: We are all Democrats now,” he wrote.

If Kristol thought he was going to rally the NeverTrump constituent under that divisive cry, however, he soon discovered otherwise. We’re sure that Kristol’s message hit home with people like Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post and Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC – two “conservatives” who have abandoned everything they ever believed in so they could oppose Trump – but it fell flat with many others.

Kimberly Ross of the Washington Examiner tweeted: “Not even close. I’ve been an independent conservative since before the 2016 election and take plenty of issue with Trump and any uncritical supporters, but am no more sympathetic to the Democratic cause than I was before. This ‘Democrat by default’ mindset is sheer nonsense.”

Ross’s colleague Tim Young said Kristol’s declaration came as little surprise.

“Not to rain on your big announcement,” Young tweeted, “but we’ve known you, Romney, Amash, Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin, and the rest of #NeverTrump have all been a Democrats for a while now.”

Even Kristol’s own buddy, fellow Bulwark writer Charlie Sykes, couldn’t quite co-sign on the declaration.

“Not me,” he wrote. “Self-identify as independent political orphan and contrarian conservative.”

Frankly, we don’t understand why Kristol bothered with the “not presumably forever” disclaimer. Who is he talking to? Whose good graces is he trying to stay in? At least people like Rubin and Boot have the courage of their convictions, however idiotic those convictions might be. We’ve run out of patience with these lukewarm “oh I’m a conservative but not THAT type of conservative” morons. No, you’re not a conservative if you want to see a Democrat elected over Trump in November. You’re an idiot.

One way or another, this election is going to mark a turning point in American politics. Either Trump will win, killing off the “contrarian” wing of the Republican Party forever, or he will lose, and this country will be condemned to a path from which there may be no recovery. People like Kristol either don’t recognize that fact, or they don’t care, or they actively want to see illegal immigration, democratic socialism, and cultural rot destroy America.

Don’t let the door hit you, Bill.

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