New Education Strategy: Just Lower Standards!


President Obama was forced to admit this week that maybe his administration was misguided when it came to standardized testing. After studies came out proving that the onslaught of testing was doing absolutely nothing to improve student outcomes, he called on school districts nationwide to limit testing to no more than 2% of class time.

But while Obama is scrapping tests, a school district in California is going him one better. Cotati-Ronhert Park School District, north of San Francisco, has dramatically altered their grading system so that more students can feel successful. Under the new system, each grade letter A-F will occupy a 20 point space, meaning an 80 will now be considered an A in their schools. Students who manage to score above 40% will be guaranteed a C. In fact, students who don’t do the work at all will be guaranteed a C because teachers are required to give them 50% as a baseline.

“This is just incomprehensible,” teacher Lanny Lowery told the local paper. “I don’t have words.”

It’s extremely comprehensible, actually. It’s right in line with the rest of liberalism. Take away personal responsibility, make sure everyone’s feelings are well attended, and put idealistic nonsense ahead of reality. This school district’s grading policies jibe perfectly with the “trophies for everyone” mentality liberals have been pushing for more than a decade.

It also goes hand in hand with school disciplinary changes taking root across the country, where teachers are no longer allowed to suspend minorities without approval from the superintendent. And it works beautifully with the dominate liberal argument about crime in the black community: it’s the racist system, the racist cops, and the racist juries. It’s not ever the actual fault of the criminals themselves.

It’s one thing for these liberals to set up private schools where kids are encouraged to “find themselves” instead of learning, but what is to become of the future if Cotati-Ronhert’s grading system catches fire? A high school diploma will become worthless, and schools everywhere will be sending unprepared kids out into the world where results matter. Going from school to the real world is already a culture shock many Americans struggle with. One can only imagine the stunned surprise waiting for these kids when their first bosses tell them, Well, no, you’re not going to get paid when you don’t come to work. Why…why would you think that?

But those bosses will be wrong, if Democrats get their way. They are preparing a whole generation for a system where you can work if you want to…but if you don’t want to…here’s 50% of what you would have made.

And guess who gets to pay for it!

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