New Fox News Poll: Sanders Soars Past Biden Nationally


In Fox News’s latest national poll, Bernie Sanders has blown past Joe Biden for the first time. According to the latest survey, Sanders now sits atop the Democratic Party field with 31% support among primary voters. While the Vermont socialist has gained 8 points since the last Fox News poll in January, the former vice president has dropped the same amount, coming in at 18% support.

Nipping at his heels is New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who has 16% support nationally. Behind him are Pete Buttigieg (12%), Elizabeth Warren (10%), and Amy Klobuchar (5%).

Perhaps not unrelated to Sanders’ sudden rise to the top of the polls, the Fox News survey also found that a record number of voters now think that President Donald Trump will win in November:

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Among all voters, all six Democratic candidates tested top the president in trial ballots. Trump trails Biden and Bloomberg by 8 points and Sanders by 7. Those are the only leads outside the poll’s margin of error.  Warren (+3 points), Buttigieg (+3) and Klobuchar (+1) are barely ahead. And in each instance, there are enough undecided/third-party voters to move the race either way.

Despite those findings, 56 percent think Trump will be re-elected. That’s up from 44 percent in October.  Expectations increased among Republicans (+9 points) and Democrats (+16). Eight years ago, 52 percent thought former President Obama would be re-elected.

Those numbers showing Trump losing to Bloomberg, Sanders, and Biden aren’t exactly encouraging, but let’s remember how the polls looked going into the election in 2016.

Let’s also remember that taking a national poll is – maybe not exactly worthless, but not exactly illuminating, either. The presidency will be decided by the Electoral College, not by the popular vote. Bloomberg (or Sanders or Biden) can beat Trump by 3 million, 6 million, or 20 million, but if all those extra votes come from California and New York, it’s not really going to matter. All that matters is which candidate grabs those precious swing states and brings them home.

Another thing to keep in mind: We’ve still got a long way to go until November. And since it looks more and more like it will be either Sanders or Bloomberg at the top of the Democratic Party ticket, you have to take into consideration how divisive either of those candidates would be. Sanders is going to break open like a watermelon once Trump starts throwing his war machine of opposition research against him. Bloomberg’s nomination, all on its own, may convince millions of Sanders supporters to stay home on election day.

No matter how you slice it, it’s looking really good for another four years of MAGA.

Well, assuming COVID-19 doesn’t wipe out humanity in the meantime…

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