New Mexico Killer of Muslim Men Turns Out to be Muslim Immigrant of Opposite Sect

Just as the leftist media had started propagating the narrative of the so-called Islamophobia around the series of murders in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the suspected killer turned out to a Muslim migrant.

The four victims of the targeted killings in Albuquerque area over the past nine months were all Muslims. So media decided to run stories about the killings under the political banner of anti-Muslim hate. Both American and foreign media highlighted the background of the victims – who were Muslim migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan – and speculated that the race and religion of the victims were likely the reason they were targeted by the killer(s).

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a left-aligned organization working to promote Islamism in America, offered a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the hands behind these murders. It stated:

If a bias-motive is determined, state and federal authorities should apply appropriate hate crime charges.

How could the Democrats miss the opportunity to cash this slot especially as the midterms are just a few months away? In a twitter post on Sunday (August 7, 2022), Joe Biden jumped in to express solidarity with the Muslims and wrote:

These hateful attacks have no place in America.

The implication of the hate narrative was showing that Muslim migrants were the target of hate crimes in America at the hands of Islamophobic people, which the left baselessly claims to be conservatives. Just a couple days after Biden’s tweet, police tracked and arrested the suspect in the series of killings, and he turned out to be a Muslim migrant from Afghanistan. Albuquerque Journal posted the suspect’s picture and described him as 51-year-old Muhammad Syed who is thought to have killed his victims out of “interpersonal conflict.”

The background information in the case of the killings, however, points to both a religious motive and personal vendetta. Syed comes from the Sunni sect of Islam and his daughter reportedly married in the Shia sect – something the sectarian-minded Muslims take very personal and offensive. Syed and his son each bought an AK-47 in July and the same day one of the victims was killed, Syed bought a scope for the gun in the presence of his son.

Syed was reported to the police by multiple tips from within the Muslim community and when police stopped and arrested Syed, he was on his way leaving for Houston (TX). He told the police he was leaving Albuquerque because of violence against Muslims. He had his gun with him as he was interrupted by the police on his way out of Albuquerque.

Syed has a record of multiple previous arrests, mostly for domestic violence. In one instance, back in 2017, he violently attacked his daughter’s boyfriend after the two were spotted in a car together. The case was dismissed because the daughter’s boyfriend did not want to press charges. Next year, Syed was arrested twice for physically attacking his wife but charges were dropped again because the wife wasn’t willing to incriminate him.

The Sunni-Shia hostility in Muslims goes centuries back to Islam’s prophet Muhammad’s death. Muslims were split over who should succeed Muhammad as the Muslim nation’s leader. The rift grew with time, and centuries later, the two sides continue their hostility against each other, bringing it with their immigration into the west. Children, especially daughters marrying without parental consent into the other sect, are abandoned and often the grudge translates into violence.

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