New York Passes Law Forbidding ICE From Making Courthouse Arrests

Always on the cutting edge of protecting anyone and everyone other than U.S. citizens and hardworking, taxpaying Americans, the liberal Democrats who run New York passed a new piece of legislation on Tuesday that will prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from making any arrests inside the state’s courthouses. Unless they have a judicial warrant, ICE will effectively be barred from enforcing deportation orders inside these courthouses, giving illegal aliens yet another safe haven.

Called the Protect Our Courts Act (as if the courts are the ones being threatened by these enforcement activities), the legislation is a product of immigration activist groups who fear that illegal aliens won’t show up for their hearings if they think they might get arrested and deported by the feds. This is more of that confused thinking that leads to sanctuary cities, of course, and it’s based on nothing more substantial than an evidence-free theory. If you’re an illegal alien who has committed a crime (which, guess what, is why you would find yourself in a hearing), are you really going to trust that this bill will keep you safe? Come on.

“Unlike this federal government, New York has always protected our immigrant communities,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “This legislation will ensure every New Yorker can have their day in court without fear of being unfairly targeted by ICE or other federal immigration authorities.”

That’s a weird word to use there. “Unfairly”? How is it “unfair” for federal immigration authorities to arrest people in violation…of immigration law? That seems almost like the picture-perfect definition of fairness. But we’re sure that Cuomo is working from some leftist definition of fairness that mentions the word “racism” eight times and bashes the Founding Fathers along the way.

“Today New York state made sure that our courthouses aren’t a target for ICE’s deportation machine, and sent a message that New York protects its immigrant families,” said Donna Lieberman of the  New York Civil Liberties Union.

Yeah, we suppose you did manage to do that. Good luck with the hordes of illegal immigrants who will now look at New York as a promising place to settle. We suppose you guys do need someone to replace all of those fleeing the exorbitant taxes, though…

“This new law is a powerful rebuke to the outgoing Trump administration and their immigration policies that have undermined our judicial system,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Brad Hoylman. “After today, New York’s courts will no longer be hunting grounds for federal agents attempting to round-up and initiate deportation proceedings against immigrants.”

Preventing the “injustice” of enforcing the rule of law: That’s the Cuomo way!

In the meantime, we’re sure there’s a church or gym to fine into nonexistence.

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