New York Times Wails Over Trump’s Deportation of Rapists and Murderers

The liberal media didn’t give a damn about Christian refugees or persecution when President Obama was in office. They gladly ignored the growing crisis overseas when President Trump attempted to give Middle Eastern Christians an exemption to his travel ban. But now that the Trump administration is deporting Iraqi Christians, outlets like The New York Times are suddenly very, very concerned about the well being of this marginalized group. It’s strange how quickly priorities can change when the media sees an opportunity to turn Americans against the Republican president. Gee, if Trump were to suddenly decide one day to initiate a massive climate change initiative, The New York Times might finally find room in their paper for some healthy skepticism.

Be that as it may, a recent story in the Times painted Trump’s deportation of the Christians as just one more outrage in a sea of them.

“A few Sundays ago, federal immigration agents walked through the doors of handsome houses here in the Detroit suburbs, brushing past tearful children, stunned wives and statuettes of the Virgin Mary in search of men whose time was up,” they write breathlessly.

One can almost put themselves there in the church community, disrupted from one’s solemn pairs as Trump’s jackbooted Nazis raid a faithful community looking for Iraqis who have been peacefully living their lives in the U.S. for years under previous administrations. WHY, GOD, WHY have we let this man invoke his reign of terror on Your holy land…??

It’s not until much, much later in the article – long after readers have likely moved on to another Trump Outrage Story – that the paper admits an inconvenient fact about the deported Iraqis: “Their green cards were revoked after criminal convictions on charges including theft, drug possession, rape and murder.”


But in the modern liberal era, the only crimes that count are “hate crimes,” and they’ve decided that the Trump administration is essentially one long hate crime against foreigners. America isn’t just a “nation of immigrants” to these whackos, it’s EXCLUSIVELY a nation of immigrants. Hell, their so-called “conservative” columnist just said a week or two ago that native-born Americans should be deported to make more room for migrants. They’ve swallowed the white = evil mantra to such a ridiculous degree that they now view any attempt to actually enforce immigration laws as Slavery II: The Reckoning. And they will twist every deportation story they can find until their readers believe them when they say that Trump is America’s answer to Hitler.

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