Nikki Haley Writes Dead-On Condemnation of Outrage Culture

We’re sure it will fall on deaf ears, but anyone who thinks this modern trend of cancel/outrage/woke culture is a good thing ought to seriously consider a new Washington Post op-ed from Nikki Haley. In it, the former South Carolina governor, who has been put through the ringer for making sensible remarks about the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting and her decision at the time to remove the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds, condemns this culture for making enemies out of reasonable individuals who simply don’t see the world the same way they do.

In an interview with Glenn Beck last week, Haley talked about her initiative to remove the Confederate flag from South Carolina government property. She noted that many Southerners see in the flag a symbol of heritage and culture, but the shooter’s use of the flag as a symbol of white supremacy and hate made it impossible for her to stand behind it.

Critics pounced, accusing Haley of defending a flag that flew in the name of slavery. Never mind that she did nothing of the kind – she merely pointed out that many people see it differently – she was slammed for apologizing for white supremacists.

“Sadly, I’m not sure that in today’s political climate we would have been able to remove the flag,” Haley wrote on Wednesday. “The reason is not the upsurge in white nationalism. While that is a very disturbing trend that must be resisted, it has not changed the composition of the South Carolina legislature that needed a two-thirds vote to remove the flag. Rather, the reason is today’s media hysteria that makes it far more difficult to have the kind of thoughtful and prayerful dialogue we had following the Charleston murders.”

Haley noted that it was unhelpful to bash every defender of the Confederate flag as an irredeemable racist. She said that while some white supremacist groups use the flag as a symbol, that fact did not erase an entirely different segment of Southerners who see the Confederate flag in a much more positive light.

“It’s a group that today’s outrage culture wants to either deny exists or to condemn in the harshest terms,” she wrote. “These are people who do not see the Confederate battle flag in racial terms. While I don’t agree with their view of the flag, I respect them.

“Today’s outrage culture insists that everyone who holds a view that’s different from our own is not just mistaken,” she continued. “They must be evil and shunned. That’s wrong. I know too many good people in South Carolina who think differently about the flag but who are not the least bit racist.”

Haley’s op-ed is a call for the sort of “tolerance” that leftists never practice. Indeed, they abhor it. While demanding tolerance for gay weddings, illegal immigrants, and communities that practice female genital mutilation, they deny it to Christians, Southerners, conservatives, and anyone else who has doubts about their progressive agenda. The result is an impenetrable “us vs. them” barrier through which no compromise can penetrate.

This is the endgame of identity politics, and it is killing this country one “cancellation” at a time. If there’s any way beyond these dark times, we sure as hell can’t see it.

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