No Congress Needed: Trump Has a New Plan to Build the Border Wall

After taking heat over the weekend for signing the controversial $1.3 trillion spending bill that failed to do much of anything to advance his immigration agenda, President Trump tweeted Sunday that with the amount of money the military was getting in the omnibus, perhaps there was a new avenue to his big, beautiful border wall with Mexico.

“Because of the $700 & $716 Billion Dollars gotten to rebuild our military, many jobs are created and our military is again rich,” he wrote Sunday. “Building a great Border Wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our country, is all about national defense. Build WALL through M!”

In a second tweet, he said, “Much can be done with the $1.6 Billion given to building and fixing the border wall. It is just a down payment. Work will start immediately. The rest of the money will come – and remember DACA, the Democrats abandoned you (but we will not)!”

Conservatives were rightfully angered by the spending bill, which Trump and Republican leaders in Congress defended in the name of national security. But while it’s certainly true that the bill provided more than enough money to fund the U.S. military, it didn’t do much to further any other aspect of the president’s agenda. A measly $1.6 billion for the border wall, no end to chain migration, no end to the visa lottery, no end to the funding of Planned Parenthood…and a lot of money wasted on big government programs that had the Democrats salivating to the press about what a great “victory” they’d won. As we said yesterday, they weren’t wrong.

So Trump is trying to put a good face on a bad situation, and we can’t blame him. We’ll believe that the Pentagon is going to use their money for a border wall when we see it. Something tells us that’s not on Gen. Mattis’s priority list.

It’s really not just that the bill fails to fund the wall. As Pelosi pointed out at her press conference, the bill actually includes language that PROHIBITS the building of the wall – at least the kind of wall Trump was promising on the campaign trail. Right in the bill is a clause that says all construction on the southern border will be restricted to the same kind of see-through fencing that currently guards our country from illegal immigration. How could Trump bring himself to sign such a thing?

According to reports, Trump was eager to avoid taking the blame for another government shutdown. Well, yeah, we can see why. But that’s really no excuse for this disaster of a bill, which hands the Democrats everything they want on a silver platter, wastes taxpayer money, and does nothing to set the Republicans up for legislative leverage. It’s just…bad.

Some of Trump’s supporters (Ann Coulter comes to mind) go a little crazy when things like this happen, shouting BETRAYAL from the mountain tops. We won’t go that far. Only a fool votes for a politician – even an extraordinary figure like Trump – thinking that he’s going to come through on every single lofty promise. And the fact is, today’s DISASTER is tomorrow’s birdcage lining. He has two years left on his first term, and what? You’d rather have Hillary in there? Let’s keep things in perspective. The guy’s doing a damn good job.

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to eat a crap sandwich and call it caviar.

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