No Jail Time For Convicted ANTIFA Shooter!


Another example of the judiciary being soft on left-wing terrorists?

Despite being convicted of seven felonies, ANTIFA shooter Samuel Young will get no prison time after being found guilty for a July 2020 shooting on an Aurora, Colorado, highway that injured two. 

According to local Denver news sights, Young, 24, was sentenced to 120 days in jail followed by five years of probation. He’s credited for the 50 days he’s already served in jail.

Earlier this year, Young was convicted of seven felonies, including two counts of second-degree assault, four counts of attempted manslaughter, and a single count of illegally discharging his gun.

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Young fired five shots during an ANTIFA/BLM protest against police violence in the wake of George Floyd’s death on July 25, 2020.

The Black Lives Matter protesters and ANTIFA “activists” were blocking all lanes of traffic on Interstate 225 when a Jeep driver approached the group from behind and drove through the group.

As protesters ran to get out of the driver’s path, Young fired five shots, with two of the shots hitting the back of the Jeep and two shots hitting fellow Black Lives Matter protesters. One man was shot in the leg, and another bullet grazed the head of a protester. The driver of the Jeep was not hit.

Arapahoe County prosecution was seeking six years in the prison, which was significantly less than the maximum of 16 years Young faced under current sentencing guidelines.

According to local TV affiliate FOX31 Denver, Judge Ben Leutwyler said there were a number of factors to consider in Young’s case, including rehabilitation and deterrence.

“Your actions were horrific,” he told Young, pointing to the crowd size.

But the judge also pointed to Young’s lack of prior record, his work in the community, and actions showing remorse following the shooting.

“I’ve struggled since the day the jury returned their verdict because this has been an unusual case,” Leutwyler said, according to the Denver Post. “This has been an unusual case… I all too often see folks who are repeat offenders. You have no criminal history. You are a young person, 24 years old, well-educated, you have a history of helping others, you’re needed at home. And you shot wholly indiscriminately into a crowd of hundreds of people.”

During the sentencing hearing, Young apologized to those he shot and took responsibility for his decision to shoot.

“It all happened so fast; there was no time to think, just to react,” he said. “My reaction was wrong… I cannot take bullets back. I immediately regretted what I’d done and wanted to repair the damage.”

In addition to five years probation, Leutwyler ordered Young to undergo mental health evaluations.

Young received five years of probation for each count, but each sentence will run concurrently, meaning they occur at the same time. Young will also have to pay restitution for each count, with the total being decided at a later date.

Young had been originally charged with attempted murder, but those charges were later reduced. Again, a sign of the liberal justice system being soft on ANTIFA and BLM protesters convicted of criminal acts.

According to the Denver Post, the driver of the Jeep, who contacted police after pulling off the highway following the shooting, was not criminally charged.

Check out the original video here from 2020 (the Tweet below was originally posted March 2022):

  1. Keith says

    Let’s also not forget that Denver DAs dropped the charges against a so-called security person that killed a Blue live matter supporter in a scuffle when Denver officials allowed BLM protestors to have a nearby protest in the same park as Police supporters. Denver has become as woke as LA and Chicago, I would recommend that all conservative people boycott Denver as a destination for any travel and stop supporting the liberals there and the liberal Governor of CO. For the record, I live in Colorado and do not agree that you let someone go with no charges when a man is killed for defending himself, I watched the video and there was no reason that the TV security would get in the face of a person that was their supporting Police, while the BLM antagonist that started the scuffle was never charged with anything. The two standards now afforded BLM and Antifa make no sense in America’s legal system!

    1. Gerry says

      I had made definite plans to make western Colorado my retirement home but after my last 2 visits out there and seeing what that state has become, due in most part to the migration of dirtbags from california, I completely changed my plans. This activist libtard judge’s decision doesn’t surprise me in the least. They have turned a once beautiful state into a sewer just like the demoRATS are trying to do to this country.

  2. G.W. says

    Judges like this is one of the reasons for what happened in Uvalde yesterday! People are believing that they can get away with doing even the most vile things imaginable.

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