No Religious Test? Obama’s Refugees Are Almost All Muslim


According to the official numbers from the State Department, some 776 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the United States since November. And even though President Obama has said that the idea of applying a religious test against refugees seeking asylum was contrary to American values, it’s awfully remarkable how many of those refugees happen to be Muslim. In those 776 admitted refugees, a whopping three of them were Christians. Not 3%. Three total. The vast majority – 97.8% – are Sunni Muslims…the exact denomination of Islam responsible for the world’s worst terrorist groups.

The argument that this is merely a reflection of the Syrian refugees in general doesn’t pass the laugh test. While Muslims certainly dominate the population in that country, Sunnis are only at 74%. Christians make up 10% of the population. The refugees that Obama has brought into the country do not even come close to reflecting that demographic compilation.

The Obama administration doesn’t hide from these numbers, although they certainly don’t go out of their way to put them in the spotlight. They have an excuse, however flimsy. They are adhering to an old rule that says to qualify for refugee status, endangered people must be at risk from a hostile government. So even though there is ample evidence that Syrian Christians are being massacred, they don’t qualify for asylum because the threat comes from groups like ISIS and not from the Assad regime.

Okay, so there’s the political cover. But it’s undermined by Obama’s policy towards refugees fleeing violence in South and Central America. When it comes to these “refugees,” the test is far lower. It’s not even clear that many of the individuals fleeing Honduras and other Latin countries are in danger of losing their lives. In many respects, they are economic refugees, simply migrating to the U.S. for a better life.

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This president, as we’ve seen, has no compunction when it comes to violating federal law when it suits his ideological purposes. That he refuses to do so in the case of Christian refugees is just more evidence that this whole fiasco has nothing to do with compassion and American values. That’s just the story he sells the public when we get justifiably concerned about embedded terrorists. This, like everything else Obama has done over the last seven years, is about fundamentally changing the population of the United States. Fundamentally changing our culture.

And hey, if it happens to accidentally lead to a terrorist attack…well, you have to break a few eggs and all that.

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