No, Trump Doesn’t Need to “Paint” Democrats as Extremists

The Wall Street Journal, among the least fake of the mainstream media newspapers, nonetheless falls into the trap every now and then of picking up the mindless Beltway narrative and running with it. This was the case on Friday, when they ran yet another piece about Trump vs. The Squad, the “racist” tweets that kicked off the week, and the Republican strategy for 2020. According to the Journal (and echoed throughout the liberal media), it is Trump’s gameplan to “paint” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her pals as radical extremists, and then proceed to lump all the other Democrats in with them.

“Several White House officials also urged the president not to turn Ms. Omar and her allies into victims with his attacks,” WSJ reports, writing of not only the tweets but the “Send Her Back” chant that broke out during his North Carolina rally. “These advisers said that the liberal congresswomen would eventually make additional controversial comments that Mr. Trump could then criticize. The group has made policy proposals that Republicans call extreme.

“Republican leaders distanced themselves from the chant, which muddied their efforts to use the four women’s positions to cast Democrats as radical socialists ahead of the 2020 election,” the report continued.

Nonsense. There is no “effort” to do any such thing, because casting the Democrats as radical socialists requires no effort. It would be like saying that scientists are making an “effort” at convincing the American public that bananas are yellow. Save your energy, we know. And those that don’t know need only look at the banana (or at least wait for it to ripen) to have their minds changed. And if there are still those that don’t get it, they are beyond hope. Most likely, they are bananas themselves.

A lot of conservative commentators have expressed misgivings about the chant. That’s fine. It wasn’t the greatest thing we’ve every heard at a Trump rally, we’ll give you that. Then again, what’s the harm? Does it in any way compare to Antifa sending an independent journalist to the hospital with their vicious attacks? Does it hold a candle to the firebombing of a federal immigration detention center? How does it match up to the shooter who nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republican members of the House in an attack that is always strangely absent from these conversations about our national political temperature? It was a chant. It lasted about ten seconds. It’s over.

Is Hillary Clinton in prison today? Well then we see how much these chants really mean in real life.

We’re much more disturbed by lawmakers who try to downplay the atrocities of Al Qaeda, or blame them on the United States. We’re much more troubled by Muslim congresswomen who seem to have a mighty anti-Semitic chip on their shoulders. We’re much more horrified by socialists who use Nazi-tinged language to radicalize their followers against President Trump. All of this is much more dangerous than any tweet Trump has ever sent.

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