NOT GUILTY? A Miscarriage of Justice in San Francisco

As you’ve probably heard by now, a jury in San Francisco ruled Thursday that illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the admitted killer of Kate Steinle, is not guilty of first degree murder, manslaughter, or anything else more serious than the felony possession of a firearm.

As a result of their misguided, tragic verdict, Garcia Zarate will not pay any serious penalty for cutting down a young woman in the prime of her life – despite the fact that she would be alive and well today had it not been for his recklessness. And when we say “recklessness,” we’re being about as generous as we can be to the facts of the case.

A verdict like this would not typically be national news, but Steinle’s death came to be a symbol for those of us who desperately want to see law and order restored to this country as it pertains to illegal immigration. Garcia Zarate’s status as an oft-deported felon shone an important spotlight on the Obama administration’s lack of seriousness on border security, and, perhaps more specifically, San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city. Up until the time of Steinle’s death, many Americans were completely unaware of the fact that there were cities in the U.S. that acted as safe harbors for illegal immigrants, shielding them from deportation even if they had been arrested and thrown behind bars.

Thanks to this case (and the tireless efforts of Donald Trump and his administration), the term “sanctuary city” has become a common one. That’s a good thing, because the more Americans who know about this insanity, the better. We still have a deep (if waning) faith in the essential goodness of the American people. We still believe that reason and truth can prevail over the lies of the left. We still believe that the vast majority of Americans WANT to see this country restored to its former glory. Our faith was solidified on Election Day 2016, and it remains even through the many depressing stories we read and report on a daily basis…including this one.

Politically, this may have been the godsend that President Trump was waiting for. While nothing can bring back Kate Steinle or provide the justice this jury stole from them, it could be the crack in the left’s armor that we needed to get to work on The Wall – and everything the Wall represents. That means more spending on border security. That means ENDING sanctuary cities. That means closing the loopholes that allow businesses across the U.S. to employ people who shouldn’t be in this country. And it means reforming the legal immigration system so that we no longer roll out the welcome mat for every loser the world spits in our direction.

Perhaps out of disgrace will come salvation. We can only hope.

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