NY Times Admits We Have An Emergency Crisis at the Border


Whenever the Democrats want to argue that there’s no need for a wall at the southern border, they cite statistics that illegal crossings are down such-and-such an amount, a 20-year-low, so on and so forth, we should just send the Border Patrol home and welcome these immigrants into our country where they will work harder, pay more taxes, and commit fewer crimes than your average American citizen. Hunky dory, hallelujah, kumbaya. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously a racist of some kind, even if they are Mexican immigrants themselves.

But then, there’s the other angle, where the left tries to make President Trump look bad by admitting that things are going nuts at the border. This is the strategy employed this week by The New York Times, which published a story admitting that the border is at the “breaking point,” with nearly 80,000 crossings in a single month.

This is why (according to them): “The Trump administration’s hard-line stance of keeping migrants out is pushing asylum seekers to take remote and dangerous routes into the United States. And a wall might not be able to fix that.”

So, to catch you up: There’s no crisis at the border. But there also is a crisis. But it’s Trump’s fault. And even though a wall would definitely stop it, the wall might not stop it. All clear? Cool.

“President Trump has used the escalating numbers to justify his plan to build an expanded wall along the 1,900-mile border with Mexico,” reports the paper. “But a wall would do little to slow migration, most immigration analysts say. While the exact numbers are not known, many of those apprehended along the southern border, including the thousands who present themselves at legal ports of entry, surrender voluntarily to Border Patrol agents and eventually submit legal asylum claims.”

So, in one paragraph, illegal immigrants are taking “remote and dangerous routes” into the United States so they can avoid falling into the clutches of the Border Patrol. In the next, these immigrants are surrendering themselves to the Border Patrol, meaning that a wall would do no good whatsoever. It’s fun to make up facts as we go along!

Try as they might, though, there is one thing the New York Times cannot do, and that’s ignore the fact that we have an immigration crisis. Well, not in this story anyway. Tomorrow they will be back to claiming all the stuff about 25-year-lows and so forth. But today, in this story, it’s a problem.

Their solution is for the Trump administration to go back to simple catch-and-release policies, because that will somehow make immigrants less likely to come across the border. We suppose that might make sense in the alternative universe where immigrants are both sneaking into the country and voluntarily surrendering to the Border Patrol, but it doesn’t make much sense in the real world.

A wall would not solve the entire problem, of course. We need immigration courts that can quickly process and reject asylum claims from economic refugees. We need Mexico’s assistance in stopping these caravans before they get to the border. And we desperately need to eliminate birthright citizenship and chain migration. Oh, and we need to roll out universal E-Verify. But if we can put all of that together with a strong, impenetrable barrier, we can end this crisis once and for all.

The question is whether anyone in Washington who isn’t named Donald J. Trump actually wants to.

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