NY Times Doesn’t Understand GOP’s Position on Energy

The New York Times wrote a ridiculous piece on Monday, reassuring climate change zealots that Donald Trump could not do a whole lot to roll back the environmental gains of the last decade.

“With Donald J. Trump about to take control of the White House, it would seem a dark time for the renewable energy industry,” the Times wrote. “After all, Mr. Trump has mocked the science of global warming as a Chinese hoax, threatened to kill a global deal on climate change and promised to restore the coal industry to its former glory.”

But the Times says that Trump can only do so much when it comes to climate change policy.

“On a global scale, more than half the investment in new electricity generation is going into renewable energy,” they wrote. “That is more than $300 billion a year, a sign of how powerful the momentum has become.

“Wind power is booming in the United States, with the industry adding manufacturing jobs in the reddest states,” the paper continued. “When Mr. Trump’s appointees examine the facts, they will learn that wind-farm technician is projected to be the fastest-growing occupation in America over the next decade.”

The Times doesn’t drop the leftist hysteria entirely – they say Trump could pull out of the Paris Agreement, leaving the lofty goals of that international confab behind – but they say there is little reason for despair.

“When Mr. Trump gets to the White House, he will find that the federal government actually has relatively little control over American energy policy, and particularly over electricity generation,” they wrote. “The coal industry has been ravaged in part by cheap natural gas, which is abundant because of technological changes in the way it is produced, and there is no lever in the Oval Office that Mr. Trump can pull to reverse that.”

The baffling part about this article is how simplistically the Times sees the Republican position on global warming. This is supposed to be one of the top newspapers in the world, right? But they write as though they’re some little-read left-wing blog that sees climate change as a good vs. evil proposition.

It isn’t. It never has been.

Neither Donald Trump nor any other prominent Republican has a “problem” with wind power or any other renewable energy source. It’s absurd to think otherwise. The problem stems from the federal government pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into programs meant to subsidize otherwise-failing energy projects. The problem stems from regulations that make it difficult-to-impossible for the fossil fuel industry to thrive.

If the free market begins trending away from crude oil and coal, so much the better. No one’s going to stand in the way.

But the days of the White House deliberately picking and choosing which industries succeed or fail…well, those may be coming to an end.

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