NY Times Op-Ed Calls for Doxxing and Shaming Border Agents

Published, coincidentally, on the same day that Antifa terrorists launched a brutal, violent attack on an independent journalist they considered “fascist” in Portland, the New York Times ran an op-ed on Saturday calling for Americans to hold Border Patrol officers individually “responsible” for the “mass atrocity” perpetrated against illegal immigrants at the border. In her piece, Dr. Kate Cronin-Furman argues that because the Trump administration’s treatment of migrants is so heinous that Americans horrified by the situation should bring “social pressure” to bear on the agents carrying out his agenda.

“The identities of the individual Customs and Border Protection agents who are physically separating children from their families and staffing the detention centers are not undiscoverable,” she writes. “Immigration lawyers have agent names; journalists reporting at the border have names, photos and even videos. These agents’ actions should be publicized, particularly in their home communities.

“This is not an argument for doxxing — it’s about exposure of their participation in atrocities to audiences whose opinion they care about,” she continues. “The knowledge, for instance, that when you go to church on Sunday, your entire congregation will have seen you on TV ripping a child out of her father’s arms is a serious social cost to bear. The desire to avoid this kind of social shame may be enough to persuade some agents to quit and may hinder the recruitment of replacements. For those who won’t (or can’t) quit, it may induce them to treat the vulnerable individuals under their control more humanely. In Denmark during World War II, for instance, strong social pressure, including from the churches, contributed to the refusal of the country to comply with Nazi orders to deport its Jewish citizens.”

Okay, first of all, the full op-ed is replete with reference to Nazis and Rwandan genocide, so you can understand that Cronin-Furman is mentally unstable from that alone. Second, you can’t wrap up a call for doxxing by saying “this is not an argument for doxxing” and pretend you’ve actually written a disclaimer. There’s no other word for what Cronin-Furman is calling for. Third, while she wouldn’t be able to get away with an actual call to violence in the pages of The New York Times, this kind of movement would not end with public shaming in church. It would end in tragedy.

The scope of this woman’s hysteria really can’t be grasped until you read the whole thing, but suffice it to say that no major paper should print this sort of deranged propaganda. We’re not surprised, by any means, that The New York Times found this crap fit to publish, but we are continually dismayed by their editorial activism. Hopefully, your average member of the “Resistance” is a little more clear-headed than Dr. Cronin-Furman, and none of this nonsense comes to pass.

Can’t say we’re all that hopeful about that, though.

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