NYT Writer: Coronavirus Shows That U.S. is Not the “Greatest Country”


The coronavirus pandemic has given left-wing activists and writers the perfect opportunity to examine their radical nonsense about racial inequalities, gender oppression, and politically correct language taken to the extremes. It has given each and every self-styled Twitter pundit the chance to look at people dying from this indiscriminatory disease and think to themselves: Gee, why have I been wasting my life on ridiculous causes like gender pronouns and the importance of kneeling for the National Anthem? There’s nothing quite like a deadly disaster to clarify what’s real and what’s not.

Unfortunately, this opportunity has been missed. Completely. Utterly.

Instead, left-wing writers have used this pandemic to double-down on their racism, their sexism, their hatred of America. You can see a very good example of this in the pages of The New York Times, where Vietnamese immigrant author Viet Thanh Nguyen explains how “Covid-19 is killing off the myth that we are the greatest country on earth.”

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We’re sure Vietnam would love to have a Pulitzer Prize winning author living and working from the cozy confines of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen. Don’t exactly see you rushing to buy a plane ticket, though.

Nope. Instead, you’re peddling crap like this:

Even if America as we know it survives the coronavirus, it can hardly emerge unscathed. If the illusion of invincibility is shredded for any patient who survives a near-fatal experience, then what might die after Covid-19 is the myth that we are the best country on earth, a belief common even among the poor, the marginal, the precariat, who must believe in their own Americanness if in nothing else.

Perhaps the sensation of imprisonment during quarantine might make us imagine what real imprisonment feels like. There are, of course, actual prisons where we have warehoused human beings who have no relief from the threat of the coronavirus. There are refugee camps and detention centers that are de facto prisons. There is the economic imprisonment of poverty and precariousness, where a missing paycheck can mean homelessness, where illness without health insurance can mean death.

Uh-huh. Except for the small fact that people don’t just magically find themselves in jail through no fault of their own. It reminds us of all the heat Ellen DeGeneres took last week for joking that quarantine was like being in prison; Twitter twits actually felt compelled to remind her that staying at home in a mansion was not comparable to actually being in prison, as if she was actually confused on that point. Most of these self-righteous leftists, Nguyen included, could benefit from getting off their high horses once in a while just to reset their lay of the land. All that high-altitude air can’t be good for the lungs during a pandemic, anyway.

“Our real enemy does not come from the outside, but from within,” Nguyen writes. “Our real enemy is not the virus but our response to the virus — a response that has been degraded and deformed by the structural inequalities of our society.

“America has a history of settler colonization and capitalism that ruthlessly exploited natural resources and people, typically the poor, the migratory, the black and the brown,” he continues. “That history manifests today in our impulse to hoard, knowing that we live in an economy of self-reliance and scarcity; in our dependence on the cheap labor of women and racial minorities; and in our lack of sufficient systems of health care, welfare, universal basic income and education to take care of the neediest among us.”

TL;DR: We’re a terrible country, a blight on the planet, and the coronavirus would be doing Mother Earth a favor by simply wiping America off the map.

We can only hope the coronavirus finds these leftists and gives them the sweet release they so obviously crave. No, we’re not wishing death on them. We’re simply saying that death has to be preferable to the constant misery they put themselves through on a daily basis as they look for the absolute worst in their fellow Americans.

Until then, sorry, but the United States continues to be the greatest country in the world. And unless bitter leftists like Viet Thanh Nguyen become the majority, so shall it ever be.

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