Obama Census Official: “Great Risks” to Asking About Citizenship


In an interview with CityLab, President Obama’s former Census Bureau chief weighed in on the side of immigration activists who think it would be disastrous for the Trump administration to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. According to former director John Thompson, who resigned his post last year out of the blue, asking U.S. residents if they are American citizens could be extraordinarily harmful to the country…for some reason.

“There are great risks that including that question, particularly in the atmosphere that we’re in today, will result in an undercount, not just of non-citizen populations but other populations that are concerned with what could happen to them,” Thompson said. “That is a tremendous risk.”

First of all, what “other populations” would be afraid to answer a question about whether or not they are U.S. citizens? Second, Thompson and other activists are afraid of an undercount for one reason and one reason only: They don’t want to see states like California finally have to address the economic crisis that hoarding millions of illegal immigrants actually invites. They don’t want to see all of these sanctuary cities and districts lose out on that precious federal money. Well, that may be the way the cookie crumbles. You want to block ICE and welcome illegal immigrants into your community? Great, YOU find a way to pay for them.

We have to imagine that pro-immigration leftists are afraid of something else as well. Whether illegal immigrants answer the citizenship question or avoid the Census like the plague, such a question would give us a really good idea about what we’re dealing with in terms of an illegal alien population. And we don’t think the left really wants an accurate count. Americans have gotten used to the idea that there are about 11 million illegal immigrants living in this country. They may be shocked if they find out that the number is three or four times that amount. Shocked into action, that is. Shocked into voting out every one of these open-border Democrats who think immigration laws should go the way of sodomy statutes.

“The concern is it will cause great fear among certain populations that this data will be used for inappropriate purposes,” Thompson said. “The Census has a really, really hard job to convince everyone of two things. One is why it’s important to be counted. The other message that is really, really critical is that the census is confidential. The Census Bureau doesn’t give the data to anyone.”

Er, as far as we can tell, that’s an argument in favor of including the citizenship question, not one against it.

There’s no reason under the sun that the U.S. should not have the right to figure out how many citizens we have in the population. The mere fact that the left is arguing otherwise is yet another indication of just how far off the reservation they’ve wandered.

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