Obama Ignored Terror Attack to Save Iranian Nuke Deal


There are some stunning stories in James Mattis’ new book, “Call Sign Chaos,” which chronicles his time serving at the forefront of the U.S. military. And, much to the chagrin of the befuddled mainstream media, some of the best stories concern Mattis’ time serving as the chief of U.S. Central Command during the Obama administration.

While Mattis is mostly silent about his stint as Secretary of Defense under Trump, he has much to say about former President Obama – including a disturbing story about the time #44 downplayed and ignored a major planned terrorist attack sanctioned and approved by the Iranian government. Why? Because hitting back against Tehran may have jeopardized Obama’s precious nuclear agreement with the Islamic regime.

In October 2011, the Department of Justice held a press conference to announce that two Iranian nationals had been arrested for plotting a bomb attack against a Washington D.C. restaurant. The restaurant, Café Milano, is a famous high-end establishment known for its rich and powerful international clientele.  

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“Had the bomb gone off, those in the restaurant and on the street would have been ripped apart, blood rushing down sewer drains,” Mattis writes in his book. “It would have been the worst attack on us since 9/11. I sensed that only Iran’s impression of America’s impotence could have led them to risk such an act within a couple of miles of the White House. Absent one fundamental mistake — the terrorists had engaged an undercover DEA agent in an attempt to smuggle the bomb — the Iranians would have pulled off this devastating attack. Had that bomb exploded, it would have changed history.”

Mattis knew right away that simply charging the two terrorists would not be a sufficient response to such an audacious attempt. He’d seen the intelligence. He knew that Tehran had been intimately familiar with the plot.

“I believed we had to respond forcefully,” he writes. “My military options would raise the cost for this attack beyond anything the mullahs and the Qods generals could pay.”

But Obama wasn’t on board.

“In my view, we had to hold Iran to account and strike back when attacked. But there was a reason for the administration’s restraint. The administration was secretly negotiating with Iran, although I was not privy to the details at the time,” he laments.

Obama, of course, got what he wanted four years later when Iran signed the infamous deal (since made null and void by Trump – as far as the U.S. is concerned, anyway). In return, all he had to do was turn a blind eye to Iran’s ongoing terrorist activities…including an attempted plot against the United States.

But the media just wants to hear gossip about Trump.

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