Obama Mocks Trump as SNL-Worthy Candidate

President Obama Tuesday decided to give his final State of the Union speech a little publicity, appearing on the Today Show with Matt Lauer hours before stepping out in front of Congress. There, he talked about how Donald Trump’s campaign was not a rejection of his own administration.

“The message that Donald Trump’s putting out has had adherence a lot of times during the course of our history,” Obama said. “You know, talk to me if he wins. Then we’ll have a conversation about how responsible I feel about it.”

The president continued. “But I’m pretty confident that the overwhelming majority of Americans are looking for the kind of politics that does feed our hopes and not our fears, that does work together and doesn’t try to divide, that isn’t looking for simplistic solutions and scapegoating but looks for us buckling down and figuring out, ‘How do we make things work for the next generation.'”

Wow, does this guy actually listen to himself? How can he find that kind of audacity this late in the game? Can you buy that in Chicago? How can this president, of all presidents, stand there and tell the country that his politics don’t try to divide people? That’s all this president has been from the beginning is a divider!

And what’s crazy is that he knows it. He acknowledged to Lauer that he was sad to see the country in such a politically divided state. “It’s a regret,” he said, saying that he would address that with his State of the Union speech. Well, if you are willing to acknowledge that we’re divided…and you’ve been the president for the last seven years…who else gets the blame for that? ISIS? Trump? Cable news?

When Lauer asked Obama if he could envision Trump delivering his own SOTU speech one day, the president said, “Well, I can imagine it – in a Saturday Night (Live) skit.”

The only thing fit for SNL right now are your own speeches, which are so far away from what’s actually going on in this country that it’s embarrassing. Except there’s nothing funny about it. We have people being slaughtered in Syria, Paris, San Bernardino, and wherever the Islamic State decides to strike next. We have an illegal immigration problem that is off the charts. And you still think the problem is the gun show loophole? That’s not funny, that’s dangerous partisanship and outright incompetence.

If there was any justice in the world, Congress would simply turn their backs when Obama walked into the room tonight. He has lost any respect owed to him by the importance of his office. He has tarnished that office beyond belief, and he deserves only scorn. He should not be honored. Congress should let him know that his days of ruling Washington with an iron fist are over.

Sadly, it’s not yet clear that’s the case.

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