Obama Paid Iran $400 Million in Ransom Money

While President Obama is out there telling the world that Donald Trump is unfit to sit in the Oval Office, a new report shows that his administration organized a ransom payment of $400 million to Iran in order to free five wrongly imprisoned Americans. All of this went down in January, coinciding with the initial implementation of the controversial Iranian nuclear agreement, though the Obama administration claims the two deals have nothing to do with each other.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest could not quite bring himself to claim that it was simple coincidence that these things happened in tandem, instead telling reporters that the nuclear agreement “created a series of diplomatic opportunities for the United States that we’ve capitalized on.”

Essentially, what administration officials want Americans to believe is that:

  • The nuclear deal has nothing to do with the five imprisoned Americans.
  • The $400 million payment is unrelated to the imprisoned Americans and the nuclear deal.
  • All of this is actually a demonstration of how relations with Iran have improved under the wise leadership of Mr. Barack Obama.

What they can’t quite explain, however, is why this totally legitimate and above-board payment happened under the cloak of darkness. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration flew the money to Tehran on an unmarked plane. We’re not talking about a check, here. We’re talking wooden pallets stacked with foreign currency, a measure taken to circumvent U.S. sanctions forbidding transactions in American currency.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Ed Royce said the implications of the report are extraordinary. “The logistics of this payment – literally delivering a plane full of cash to evade U.S. law – shows yet again the extraordinary lengths the Obama administration will go to accommodate Iran, all while hiding the facts from Congress and the American people,” he said.

This makes the second time President Obama has come under fire for seemingly violating the United States’ longstanding policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists. Two years ago, the president defied Congress by trading Taliban prisoners for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Iran isn’t the Taliban, but they are a certified state sponsor of terrorism, directly funding both Hezbollah and Syria’s Assad regime. How much of that $400 million is now in the hands of groups who will use it to kill Americans and American allies?

Worse, this sets a dangerous precedent that will come back to haunt future administrations. Obama has sent a message to the evildoers of the world: If you put America in a corner, we’ll make sure you get what you want. This endangers the lives of every American who travels abroad, and it encourages terrorist groups and rogue nations to use kidnapping as a surefire fundraising method.

But, sure, sure, TRUMP is the one unfit for the presidency.


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