Obama Ready to Bypass Congress on Guns


Following the shooting at a community college in Oregon, President Barack Obama said that he had a team of advisers scrambling to see what he could do to tighten gun control without Congress. And according to Valerie Jarrett, who spoke at a Sandy Hook memorial vigil on Wednesday, those advisers are ready to pass those recommendations on “in short order.”

The news comes after the Senate voted last week to block legislation that would have prevented Americans on the terror watch list from purchasing firearms. Republicans say it would have been a fundamental violation of due process, seeing as how none of the individuals on the list have actually been charged with a crime.

It’s not yet known what form Obama’s executive orders will take, but insiders suspect they will involve background checks in one form or another. Specifically, they may close the so-called “gun show loophole,” which allows customers to purchase firearms without being subject to a check. There has also been talk of redefining what qualifies as a “licensed dealer,” which would expand the number of gun distributors who must abide by federal laws requiring the checks.

Americans have been aghast at two high-profile mass shootings in the past month – one at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, and the other a terrorist massacre in California.

But while these incidents have sparked fear and outrage, few Americans are looking for expanded background checks or, indeed, gun control of any variety. In fact, the FBI reported last week that they processed a record number of background checks on Black Friday this year. Far from wanting to see increased restrictions on firearms, the public wants to make sure their families are protected.

Perhaps if there was any evidence that background checks would have stopped these slayings, things would be different. But nothing President Obama – or any Democrat – is proposing would have prevented these horrific shootings. And since Democrats ramp up their gun threats every time one of these killings makes the front page, Americans may also be thinking that if they want to arm themselves, they’d better get the guns while the getting’s good.

At a time like this, it’s tempting to throw up our hands and give them one in the spirit of compromise. Why not? Closing the gun show loophole, expanding background checks…these measures aren’t going to accomplish anything, but are they really hurting anything?

In a perfect world, that sentiment could be excused. In a world where Democrats had proven themselves capable of being trusted with our fundamental American liberties, we might be able to go ahead and let them have their little victory.

But it wouldn’t stop with a couple of reasonable tweaks to the federal background check system. You give these liberals an inch, and they take a mile. One day, you’re saying, “Eh, what the hell, let gays marry” and the next day business owners are being forced to participate in and support ceremonies that go against their religious beliefs. When it comes to Democrats – and especially Barack Obama – you have to multiply whatever policy they’re pushing by a factor of ten.

When they say “background checks,” therefore, we should hear “mandatory buybacks.” When they say “gun show loophole,” we should hear “ammunition ban.”

Tooth and nail. That’s the only way to retain our freedoms.

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