Obama Wants $5 Billion to Fight Terrorism but Doesn’t Want to Say Why

Just as Obama finally relents to do something about ISIS, it is becoming clear that it’s another excuse to spend a lot of money without telling the American people what it’s for. While I believe Obama has an ethical obligation to stand against the genocide being perpetrated by these Islamic thugs and a Constitutional obligation to protect America, that doesn’t mean he should be granted a blank check to do with what he sees fit. That, lawmakers say, is exactly what he wants.

According to a new expose by the typically liberal Daily Beast, Obama is asking Congress for a package of $5 billion to fight terrorism, but that request has not come with any details about how it would be spent. In many ways, it echoes the debate about Obamacare. Congress was hamstrung because they were forced to vote on the bill without getting a close look at its content. Democrats, naturally, are ready to fund Obama’s request even though no one has outlined how the money will be used.

Some have speculated that Obama’s lack of specificity is not just because he doesn’t have a plan, but rather the request is being kept intentionally vague because the White House wants to appear more dedicated to stopping ISIS than it really is. In other words, the $5 billion request is a ploy. Republicans vote down the request and then Democrats can turn around and say, “Hey, look America, the Republicans aren’t serious about stopping terrorism.” It’s cowardly, dastardly politics, and it’s being done at a time when America is facing a very serious threat.

Now, of course, things have changed. With the beheading of a second American journalist, Obama realized that he could no longer avoid the subject of ISIS. Now he really wants his $5 billion request to pass Congress, though it hasn’t inspired him to come up with a spending strategy that makes sense. Perhaps he won’t have to. For their part, Democrats certainly aren’t pressuring him to come up with a plan. In an example of just how twisted the liberal worldview is, they have even gone on record to say that the fund’s obscurity is its strength. Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin on the request:

“We don’t know what the details are, so we can’t say what is in it and what isn’t. I think that kind of flexibility is useful.”

Just…wow. This is the kind of leadership liberals have elected to Congress. No matter what the money is for, guys! Don’t worry about it. If some of it happens to go into funding various Democratic programs in lieu of actually fighting terrorism, oh well. Ya know, that kind of thing just happens in government. Nothing to see here.

Senate Republicans aren’t quite so quick to jump on board with the “the less details, the better” mindset. “I want to know what it’s for,” said John McCain. “If there’s no goal, there’s no strategy, and if that’s the case we don’t want to waste the taxpayers’ money.”

Unfortunately, wasting taxpayer money is all this administration is good for.

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