Obamacare Website Shocker – Foreign Hacker Found a Way to Make the Site Worse

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s more frightening about this administration: its dedication to opposing everything that makes this country great or its neverending incompetence. Both are going to wind up being the undoing of a Republic that has stood for more than 200 years if we don’t reign these clowns in. Unfortunately, the time to reign them in was before Obamacare became law. Now that it is, and millions of people are using the government’s Healthcare.gov, we learn that the $600 million website has been infected with malware for two months.

Obamacare! Great for your health and great for your computer!

Funny that we’re just now learning that a hacker broke into the site on July 8, and that the government claims it wasn’t aware of the breach until 10 days ago. I guess this is where we revisit the debate: ideology or incompetence? Which is worse?

Now we get to choose what to believe from these lying brickheads. They’ve assured the public that the malicious software did not affect the personal data of Obamacare consumers, and that the hackers never saw any private information. But these are the same people who lied about being able to keep your health plan, lied about its effect on the job market, lied about being able to keep your physician…the list goes on. Even if they aren’t lying, it took them two months to even identify the problem. Something else could be infecting the site, and they wouldn’t know it until, oh, maybe, November. And you can be sure that you won’t hear a word of it until after the midterms.

Adding a queasy layer of unwanted mystery to the attack, government officials confirm the hack came from outside the country. They say that the hacker intended to use the implanted malware to launch subsequent denial-of-service attacks on other websites.

“Our review indicates that the server did not contain consumer personal information; data was not transmitted outside the agency, and the website was not specifically targeted,” said the HHS. They went on to assure the public that they had since improved security.

The details of this particular attack are not really what’s important. It is a tight, focused lens on the incompetency of the federal government. Not necessarily because the site was hacked, but because it took this damn long to figure it out.

Then again, “taking a long time to figure it out” is basically this administration’s motto. Whether it’s deciding what to do about the Islamic State, deciding what to do about the unbelievable situation at the southern border, or when to slap that employer mandate into effect, these guys need to mull it over. Not for a few weeks, but for months and years. Maybe their lag when it comes to website security is actually a step in the right direction. After all, two months. If they could have come up with a strategy on ISIS in two months, a lot of people would still be alive today.

Anyway, you can go on and feel perfectly safe logging into Healthcare.gov this November when open enrollment starts again. No, really, they promise.

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