Obama’s Actions Deemed Illegal


An appeals court has ruled that an Obama-era DACA amnesty program is “unlawful.”

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as the “Dream Act,” was unlawful, but said it could stay in force for the 600,000 “Dreamers” who had already obtained the status.

The DACA program was put into place by former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, in 2012 after saying numerous times that he did not have the constitutional power to do so. The act allows illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as children to remain on U.S. soil.

Apparently, the appeals court agreed with Obama’s own assessment that he “did not have the power” to pass such an amnesty program without Congress passing a law.

 The three-judge panel for the court affirmed a lower court ruling from July 2021 that said Obama did not have the constitutional authority to implement the program via executive memo. The newest ruling keeps the injunction in place against new applicants.

After the latest ruling, Democrat Rep. Chuy Garcia of Illinois called on Congress to pass a law to protect DACA and keep the program in place.

“While this decision brings relief to current DACA recipients, it underscores the urgent need for Senate action on The Dream and Promise Act. We must provide long-term stability for DACA recipients and not close the door on the many young people who already call this country home,” Garcia tweeted.

In August, the Biden administration moved to try to fortify the DACA program by allowing for public comment, a process that had been ignored by Obama and was criticized by the judge who struck down the law.

If the Department of Justice chooses to appeal the decision, it could be decided ultimately by the Supreme Court, where the conservative majority will likely vote to crush DACA.

  1. Leslie says

    Idiot democrat voters were complaining that Trump had babies in cages at border, totally ignoring that he inherited these border problems from Clinton then Obama!! Sickening how many lies they believe just because they were told them by liers in liberal MSMNews.
    Get rid of all Democrats and RINO’s….now POTUS AND VP doing worse PO💩

  2. Michael Bray says

    Nothin’ to it but to preserve authentic CITIZENSHIP! Every person is not a citizen of any country he chooses! Simple! You are born a citizen of one country (or not). But you don’t gain citizenship for yourself by crossing a border and declaring it! Now,. if you want to be citizen of heaven, that is another matter. Repent of your greed and corruption, call on Jesus, and obey His Laws! http://www.michaelbray.org

  3. Jazrobean says

    Legality was not the issue – – he did what he wanted to do because his supporters would allow it

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