Obama’s Audacious Lie: No Scandals in 8 Years

Apparently, if the media treats you with kid gloves for the entire duration of your presidency, you start to believe your own coverage. That’s the takeaway from President Obama’s assertion last week that his administration had been a remarkably clean one.

“I’m extremely proud of the fact that over 8 years we have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations,” Obama said in a backhanded, “get ready for that to change” kind of way.

It’s true that Obama has avoided the dirty scandals that surrounded the Clinton administration, but that’s like taking credit for flushing the toilet after you go to the bathroom. Just because Barack hasn’t been caught with his pants down in the Oval Office doesn’t mean his administration has been free of scandal. And just because the mainstream media did their best to brush everything under the rug doesn’t mean that stuff didn’t take place.

It’s not like we have to go digging through the archives to prove this. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal IS an Obama administration scandal. She was his secretary of state. She was jeopardizing national security under this president’s watch. She was communicating with Obama himself, who later lied and claimed to know nothing about her private server. And that doesn’t even get into the investigation itself, which has been clouded with partisan influence.

And where did the email scandal come from? Hillary’s private server only came to light thanks to congressional inquiries into the Benghazi terror attack, which is also an Obama administration scandal. At minimum, Obama lied about the motivation behind the attack so he could maintain an advantage over Mitt Romney in the election. That’s not scandalous?

Okay, ancient history, right? Well, let’s talk about something a little more recent: The Iran hostage transfer. This administration handed Iran a $600,000 payment on the precise day the Islamic Republic released four American prisoners. Obama then told the press, repeatedly, that the release had nothing to do with the exchange. This was quickly revealed to be a lie, at which point the administration invented a new definition of the word “ransom” so they could once again escape the public’s wrath.

Then there’s his IRS, improperly targeting conservative groups for extra tax scrutiny. There’s his Fast and Furious operation that resulted in the death of an American Border Patrol agent. And depending on where you draw the line between scandal and “bad decision-making,” the list could go on indefinitely.

But hey, we already know how the liberal media and the PC history books will tell the tale of Barack Obama, so we may as well stop fighting the current. Nothing’s going to stop the canonization of the nation’s first black president. It’ll be irritating to watch.

But not as irritating as it was to live through.

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