Obama’s Buddies Embarrass Themselves Trying to Take a Shot at Trump


You can count on the liberal buddies of former President Barack Obama and other assorted Washington liberals embarrassing themselves on a near-daily basis on social media, but it’s rare that they step in it THIS badly. In an effort to drum up the tears for migrant children being separated from their families at the border, former Obama speechwriter and current anti-Trump podcast host Jon Favreau tweeted out a picture of what he thought were immigrant children being kept in confined cages by the Border Patrol. And to be fair, that was exactly what the picture was.



Only, there was a small problem that we’ll get to in a second.

Favreau tweeted out an AZCentral.com article headlined, “First glimpse of immigrant children at holding facility.” It was accompanied by photos that showed children lying down like stray dogs at the SPCA in cages.

“This is happening right now,” Favreau wrote with all the righteous anger he could muster, “and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible.”

Other lefties quickly jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting out the same article/photo while calling for action against this EVIL EMPIRE currently occupying our once benevolent halls of democracy.

Linda Sarsour wrote, “Look at these photos,” complete with the hashtag #WhereAreOurChildren.

Hmm, hopefully as far away from a Women’s March as they can get.

Shaun King of the New York Daily News wrote, “I saw this photo floating around and didn’t know if it was real. It is. Children of immigrants are being held in cages, like dogs, at ICE detention centers, sleeping on the floor. It’s an abomination.”

Rachel Maddow’s concise reaction: “Oh god.”

Yes, we’d really reached a new low in the Trump Era.

Except, if any of these idiots had bothered to check the date on that AZCentral article, they would have found these photos were published on June 18, 2014.


Now for some reason, most of the people above deleted their tweets, tucked their tails between their legs, and tried to pretend that none of this ever happened. And while we can understand that they were humiliated, why not keep the pictures up, admit their error, and then launch into a rant about how their old buddy Obama was treating illegal immigrants? If something is wrong, it’s wrong, no? And don’t tell us about how Obama has been out of office for a year and a half, because these monkeys were still bashing Bush well into Obama’s second term.

But of course, they’re not REALLY interested in how illegal immigrant children are treated by the feds; they’re only interested in playing team-sport politics and scoring points against the imaginary bogeyman in the White House. This is always obvious…but damn, it’s rarely THIS obvious.

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