Obama’s Revenge: DOJ Unleashes New Gun Regs


April 17, 2013 was a dark day for President Obama. It was on that day that his gun control legislation – proposed in the wake of Sandy Hook – was defeated in the Senate. Obama’s promise of making gun control a central component of his second term would not be fulfilled. No one who watched him deliver his angry statement could be mistaken; the president was seeing red. And now, with a new lapdog at the head of the Justice Department, he is ready to exact his revenge.

According to The Hill, the DOJ is getting ready to roll out “more than a dozen” new gun regulations that will never have to be approved by a single elected lawmaker. These regulations, some of which will be implemented by the ATF, “range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements,” and they are set to take effect as early as November.

The regulations could also restrict gun ownership based on misdemeanor domestic violence convictions and mental illness claims. This has raised concerns from gun groups who fear that merely seeing a psychiatrist may be enough to fall afoul of the new regulations. The National Rifle Association released a statement saying that such a regulation “creates disincentives for those who need mental health treatment to seek it, increasing whatever risks are associated with untreated mental illness.”

When Attorney General Loretta Lynch was in the hot seat this year, national gun groups warned that she would be little more than “Eric Holder in a skirt.” Republicans stood against her nomination, but there were enough defectors to let her squeak through. Now, eager to please her boss, she may turn out to be even worse than her predecessor.

Going around Congress has become Obama’s favorite way to get things done. With no more elections to worry about, he doesn’t have to concern himself with the criticism. He is desperately trying to carve out a legacy, and he is willing to stomp all over the Constitution in the process. He promised his pet liberals that they would have gun control and, by gum, he is going to deliver on that promise. And as long as the Democrats can keep winning the White House, they can just use executive orders as a convenient substitute for legislation. Pass them down, president to president, until Congress becomes a vestigial limb of the federal government.

Obama is out for his revenge, but that’s only part of it. He came into the White House looking to punish America. To crush the traditions and freedoms that, in his mind, led to racism and oppression for so many years. Conservatives aren’t just the political enemy; we are the entire problem with the country. He wants to crush everything that conservatives care about: national security, border security, gun rights, capitalism, and religious freedom.

Lame duck? Not this president. As we wind our way into the home stretch of his tenure, we are dealing with an Obama that is more dangerous than ever. The punishment is about to begin.

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