Oh No! Trump Cutting Aid to Central America “Breaks With Conventional Wisdom”

Millions of Americans were surely quaking in their boots on Sunday when The New York Times ran a headline warning that President Donald Trump’s plan to cut aid to three Central American countries “breaks with years of conventional wisdom in Washington that the best way to halt migration is to attack its root causes.”

“Cutting off aid is ‘shooting yourself in the foot,’ said Adriana Beltran, the director of citizen security at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights research group that tracks aid closely,” reports the Times.

The Times offers no quotes from Beltran to explain why these years of Washington’s conventional wisdom has resulted in a steady river of illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. We assume it’s because her group, much like The New York Times, has absolutely no problem with this immigration crisis in the first place. Except, of course, how the Trump administration handles it. If our evil Border Patrol would just let these immigrants flow into the country, take up residence in the city of their choice, and get registered to vote, there wouldn’t BE any crisis!  

Thankfully, our president doesn’t put much stock in Washington’s conventional wisdom.

Outraged over these countries’ inability to put an end to the countless caravans that continue to wind their way towards our southern border, President Trump told Congress on Friday that it would be using the $450 million in aid that the U.S. sends to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador for other purposes.

“No money goes there anymore,” Trump told reporters. “We’re giving them tremendous aid. We stopped payment.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to wonder why the elite media would back all of that priceless conventional wisdom that Washington spits out, but if you needed another reason to understand why every major outlet criticized this move, Univision has the explanation.

“The aid is part of a bipartisan program designed by the Obama Administration to reduce illegal immigration by increasing security, improving democratic governance and creating jobs in the three so-called Northern Triangle countries, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, where most of the migrants come from,” they reported. “The funds pay for training of the judiciary, rural development programs to help farmers and reduce poverty, as well as programs to deter migrants from making the dangerous journey north and helping resettle those who are deported.”

See, it’s an Obama Administration program. And we all know that Obama was the greatest president the country ever had, so naturally Trump’s decision to end any of his predecessor’s initiatives would be a colossal blunder. That’s even worse than bucking conventional wisdom. Now you’re going against true, professorial genius!

Whatever will our nation do?

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