Oklahoma Head of Education Says Teachers Injecting “Sick Ideas” Should be Barred from the Profession!

The Oklahoma education secretary, Ryan Walters, says that teachers who are injecting “sick material” into the school’s curriculum should be kicked out of the profession.

“Ultimately, if you’re trying to push ideology on our kids, there’s no place for you to be a teacher,” Walters said, speaking to Fox News about his plan to get rid of teachers who were injecting “sick materials into schools.

“Being a teacher is about focusing on academics and equipping students with the skills so that they can be successful in life, not indoctrinating them to a woke ideology.”

He continued, “What I think that we’re going to continue to pursue is—not only have we done that with critical race theory—we need to do that with this overtly sexual material and say, ‘Listen, if you’re going to do that in the state, you’re not going to be a teacher. We’re going to pull your teaching certificate, and you’re going to find another job.'”

Causing Walters’s ire, the president of the American Federation of Teachers said during her keynote speech at the July 2022 conference that “Extremist politicians are trying to drive a wedge between parents and teachers by banning books, censoring curriculum and politicizing public education.”

“It’s absurd. So the position of a national teachers’ union is we want to put pornography in front of young kids, because if we don’t put pornography in front of first- and second-graders, that’s censorship. That’s outrageous,” Walters said. “This is what [the left] always do. They try to make conservatives back away from it from a commonsense position. Here’s the reality — we need age-appropriate material for our kids.”

Walters took notice of books such as Gender Queer and Flamer, which were found in a Tulsa Public Schools library. These books, which contain explicit imagery, have appeared in public schools around the country.  

“They want to force overtly sexual material to kids at the youngest ages in order to have them be more open to a more woke ideology. It’s ridiculous. It is sick,” he said. “We have to absolutely push back on these far leftists injecting this sick material into our schools.”

“Flamer” is a graphic novel that contains sexually-charged topics and imagery. The characters discuss erections, penis size, and the illustrations depict naked teenage boys.

“Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe depicts sexual acts and contains discussions on masturbation.

“When we were made aware of the two books with inappropriate images, we immediately asked the secondary schools that had them to remove them from their libraries,” the Tulsa school district’s spokesperson said Thursday.

“When you teach kids, they’re automatically sexual beings from the youngest of ages… you’re setting kids on a course for disaster, and we absolutely have to ensure this isn’t going on in our schools,” Walters said.

The education secretary said that the left, including the Biden administration, is trying to keep parents in the dark about the progressive agenda in schools.

“So that’s been a tactic of the Biden administration. You know, that’s why they targeted parents at the school board meetings. They knew that the further away you keep parents from seeing what’s going on in the schools, the more power bureaucrats have.”

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