Omarosa Unleashed: Trump’s TV Villain to Have Her Revenge

We’re still not sure what the true story of Omarosa Manigault Newman’s departure from the White House a couple of weeks ago, but this is one instance where we’re inclined the believe the media. The idea that Omarosa had to be dragged kicking and screaming off the premises after trying to storm the residential area…well, that’s not too difficult to imagine, is it? Not for anyone even vaguely familiar with the former reality TV villain’s career, which has been built off proving herself to be utterly without scruples of any kind. She’s also got a flair for the dramatic – great for NBC’s The Apprentice, maybe not so great for the federal government.

But whether she was fired, escorted out of the White House, or pleasantly asked to leave by the president himself, Omarosa appears to have lined herself up for a big payday. She quickly appeared on Good Morning America only two days after her, um, resignation, to start talking a little bit of light smack about the administration.

“There were a lot of things I observed over the past year that I was uncomfortable with,” she said. “When I have the chance to tell my story, it’s quite a story to tell.”

Hoo boy.

According to the latest political gossip, though, Omarosa’s story will be only partially about her. Nor will it be a particularly insightful expose about the inner workings of the Trump administration, as much appetite as there may be for that saga. Instead, it will apparently focus on the president’s marriage to Melania, and she is currently shopping her tell-all book for a figure close to $10 million. In Touch magazine spoke to one D.C. source who said, “This could be Donald and Melania’s worst nightmare.”

Speculation about the First Couple has been rampant, especially after Melania waited nearly six months to join her husband in Washington, D.C. Trump haters are desperate to portray the former model as a prisoner of the president, having been duped into following The Donald into a political career she never wanted for herself. Suddenly, she finds herself one of the most photographed and talked about women in the world, a status of celebrity and power she does not always appear to be comfortable with. Will Omarosa’s book validate that picture of Trump’s marriage, or will we see a side to this couple that has been largely hidden from public view?

Politically, this is unlikely to have much impact on President Trump, whose supporters are much more interested in seeing their man in the White House fight back against the corrupt Washington establishment than seeing what happens behind the closed doors of his marriage. In the gossip rags, however, there is going to be intense interest in whatever Omarosa has to say about the couple. Trump, who knows a thing or two about the tabloids, will not be able to easily ignore the coverage.

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