OMG, Biden’s Free “At Home” COVID Tests Were Made in China!


While there still may be some debate on where the COVID-19 virus originated, there can be no doubt where those free test kits Joe Biden is sending you are from – they are clearly marked “Made in China!”

That fact was pointed out by astute Fox anchor Bill Hemmer on a recent broadcast. Hemmer said that he received his free COVID-19 tests through the mail under President Biden’s new testing initiative but noted the at-home kits were branded “made in China.”

Hemmer, co-host of “America’s Newsroom,” praised the federal government and the United States Postal Service (USPS) for getting the tests out quickly after he and many other Americans put in the request last week for free tests. But he noted when he turned the test package over; the “fine print” revealed the tests were manufactured in China. 

“I got mine yesterday,” Hemmer said, holding up the orange kit. “All four of them came. Congrats, U.S. government. U.S. Postal Service did a great job. Got my four tests. And on the back of the fine print, Dana, it is made in China.”

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“Of course,” replied co-host Dana Perino.

The free at-home tests were part of the White House’s newly launched initiative to work with the U.S. Postal Service to mail out 500 million at-home coronavirus tests to Americans in the coming weeks to address a testing kit shortage amid the recent omicron surge.

Hemmer received the 15-minute at-home rapid antigen tests from iHealth Labs Inc. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, but the test is “Made in China,” according to the label. 

iHealth is a unit of the Chinese company Andon Health Co. Ltd., according to Reuters. It was awarded a $1.275 billion contract for COVID-19 rapid tests with the U.S. government on Jan. 13, according to the website.

The Biden administration reacted by saying not all the 500 million tests were made in China, but there are not enough American-made tests to meet the demand, so they sourced kits made “in other parts of the world.”

“We are procuring as many US-made at-home tests as are available to purchase, while also purchasing additional, FDA authorized at-home tests that are made in other parts of the world,” an administration official told Fox News in a statement. “Together, this ensures that we are making available as many at-home tests for the American people as possible, and importantly, we’re doing so in a way that ensures we are not interfering with other channels where people can get at home tests, including through their states, pharmacies and online retailers.”

The official added that all tests – regardless of country of origin – were subjected to the emergency use authorization process through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Importantly, every at-home test that is available to the American people has underwent a rigorous FDA approval process guaranteeing that it is of the highest quality,” the official said.

The iHealth at-home test is labeled “authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization.”

This isn’t the first time Chinese-made coronavirus supplies have raised eyebrows.

The Office of the Attending Physician of the U.S. Congress has provided congressional offices with KN95 masks for lawmakers and their staff that have “Made in China.”

printed on them.

More than 120 House Republicans expressed their “disbelief and outrage” in a letter last week that taxpayer dollars are being used to purchase the face coverings manufactured in China when “American alternatives are available.”

  1. B.A. says

    I had found it troubling for some time, many of our PPE used, masks used, and “other” items we are getting from China, the origin of COVID! Are they sending these items to further infect? Our country is seeing the Omicron overtake our nation and other countries. Do any of these items get inspected? As China promotes the fentanyl, and we all must remember President Trump addressing this with China, our country is being flooded with this. Origin? China? Our administration’s policy creates the open border and what that brings for our country!

  2. Vicki Geisler says

    And Biden sending manufacturing jobs and money to China to help their economy while suffocating America is a Surprise to anyone???

  3. C says

    This is all a ploy to control people and enrich current political machine and China Now hospitals and doctors are enjoying the crimes against humanity benefits. The shame in any doctor continuing to promote these so called “vaccines” is criminal. The jab is full of dangerous chemicals. Made in China nasal test are no different. Ask funeral home embalmers.. Wake up Americans! If you think this current socialist party is interested in your health, you need to wake up. They are all about depleting the population and controlling the rest.

  4. Anonymous says


  5. RITA BENSON says


  6. Anonymous says

    FREE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what. A. JOkE. ……………..

  7. Keith says

    Does this really surprise everyone? Grandpa Joe has been in bed with China since the beginning of his Presidency. If you can call it that. What a joke.

  8. Richard A OKeeffe says

    Hmmmm almost 327 million people in the US and if we all get 4 free tests that will last me, ah wait I have run out of fingers. I think we won’t have enough. Kind of like the gas we were supposed to get. Sounds like a lot but that’s only in Biden’s mind. Wait again , wrong. Nothing in Biden’s mind.

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