On Russian Interference, Bernie Sanders Can’t Have It Both Ways

When it comes to whatever role Russia played in meddling in our democracy, liberals want to have it both ways. On the one hand, Michael Moore wants to run around saying that Donald Trump stole the election thanks to interference from the Kremlin; on the other, he doesn’t want to admit he was duped into attending a New York City Anti-Trump rally organized by the same Russians.

But you know, Moore is Moore; we’re not exactly expecting him to hold himself to any particular standard.

On the other hand, there’s Bernie “Don’t Call Me Crazy” Sanders, who is specifically named in Robert Mueller’s indictment as one of the two (2) 2016 candidates who received support from the Russians. This is a guy who seldom lets a day go by without blasting the president for his refusal to come down on the Kremlin for supporting his campaign, but when it comes to acknowledging that the Sanders campaign received identical support? Oh no, he doesn’t know anything about all that.

“You have a president of the United States not saying that [Russians meddled in the election],” Sanders said Wednesday. “What exactly is going on? And you have speculation: ‘Do the Russians really own him?’”

Okay, so there we have Sanders essentially accusing President Donald Trump of being bought by the Russian government because he won’t fully acknowledge that they supported him during the election. Which means that if Sanders were to take the same position, he too could be summarily dismissed as a puppet of the Kremlin. Right? Hmmm…well, let’s see what he says.

“They were supporting my campaign? No. They were attacking Hillary Clinton’s campaign and using my supporters against Hillary Clinton,” Sanders said.

Um. Bernie? May we draw your attention to this line in the indictment?

The accused Russians “engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump.”

Or how about this: “Specialists were instructed to post content that focused on ‘politics in the USA’ and to ‘use any opportunity to criticize Hillary and the rest (except Sanders and Trump — we support them.)”

Oh, but suddenly Sanders and his former campaign manager are skeptical of the special counsel!

Jeff Weaver told Politico: “The factual underpinning of that in the indictment is what? Zero. I have not seen any evidence of support for Bernie Sanders. Two dudes sitting in a hole somewhere support Bernie Sanders — tell me what they did to support Bernie Sanders.”

Right, but on the other hand, these same “dudes sitting in a hole somewhere” managed to put Donald Trump in the White House and hand over control of the Executive Branch to Vladimir Putin. Gotcha. It all makes sense now, thanks. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both bought and paid for by the Russian government.

Or, you know, maybe we can start admitting that Americans made their own decisions in 2016 and stop giving the Russians credit for something they don’t deserve credit for.

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