Oops: MSM Makes Huge Mistake Publicizing Muslim Girl’s Murder


After the attack on Muslims in London, the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets couldn’t believe their luck. Only a little while later, a 17-year-old Muslim girl in Virginia was murdered in what appeared to be a hate crime. Were they really going to be able to write TWO front page stories about Islamophobia, one of which could surely be used as a direct condemnation of President Trump and his supporters? Were they really so fortunate as to have this happen only days after the other Virginia shooting, which was making liberal wingnuts look so bad? Oh, praise Allah, the narrative is back baby!

So they ran with the story as fast as they could, blowing past the facts on their way to building a story that would once again give them the moral high ground. See, the problem isn’t leftist psychopaths, America. And the problem certainly isn’t Islamic terrorism. The problem, you see, are these alt-right, neo-Nazi, right-wing hatemongers and the president they support! Just look here. Just look at what one of these crazies did to this poor Muslim girl in Reston, Va.! It’s disgusting.

Well, it was disgusting, we’ll give them that. Both the murder itself and the mainstream media’s desperate effort to jump the gun and make it look like a right-wing hate crime.

But if ever a story has backfired on the press, this is the one. You could almost see the editors at the major newspapers slam their collective heads on their desks when the clouds started to part and the truth began to come out. First, we learned that the murder likely had little or nothing to do with Nabra Hassanen’s religious faith – that police were investigating it as a “road rage” incident. Strike one. But what really made the Washington Post and other outlets regret their decision to turn this into a national story was what we learned about Hassanen’s killer: He is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.


The second Washington Post story on the murder highlights the “road rage” aspect of the case, but buries – deeply – the other aspect. That’s the one they don’t want anyone to really catch onto. Because the LAST thing the mainstream media wants is another Kate Steinle on their hands. And this time, it might even be worse, because the victim was a young Muslim girl. If the liberal media has to choose between promoting illegal immigration and defending Islam…why, that’s a real Sophie’s Choice situation. So they made vague mention of there being a detainer request against the perp – Darwin Martinez Torres – and left it at that. Then they closed out the article with some comments from the victim’s father, who still believes that her religion had something to do with it.

The media is wily enough to let this story fade into the forgotten, at least as far as their readers are concerned. But it will be amusing to see them run far, far away from this sad event now that the narrative doesn’t fit their purposes.

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