Outgoing Sen. Kelly Loeffler: We’re Facing a First Amendment “Crisis”


In her farewell address on Tuesday, outgoing Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) warned that cancel culture and Big Tech is conspiring to put the nation into a First Amendment crisis that must be addressed by both the public and the U.S. government if our dearest principles are to persist into the future.

“The American people are alarmed by the effort to censor conservative voices. We’re witnessing a constitutional crisis that threatens to erode the First Amendment and silence people across our country,” Loeffler said. “As a Republican, a conservative American who still believes in the Constitution and the core principles on which our country was founded, I refused to be intimidated by the cancel culture, and its dangerous narratives. However, not every American feels free to speak up. Their voices are being lost.”

Loeffler, who lost her Senate runoff race to Democrat Raphael Warnock in one of two races that cost Republicans their razor-thin majority, told her supporters that it has been the “honor of my lifetime” to serve Georgia’s interests in the halls of the Senate. She advised American voters to look for more outsiders to run for public office, saying that there are already more than enough “politicians” in Washington.

She said Americans are looking for elected leaders who have their best interests at heart.

“And they certainly don’t want their way of life overwhelmed by radical change and costly policies that will push them out of their job, limit their children’s educational opportunities, and threaten their right to worship and speak freely,” Loeffler said.

“At the same time,” she continued, “while those on the left feign a desire for unity, they say they cannot tolerate it without accountability. In essence, there can be no unity without conforming to their views. Disagree, and you will be canceled and not just your social media account, but your job, your family, your educational opportunities, even your God-given rights. Only those who meet their ideological purity test can claim moral superiority and retain their voice.”

It’s a shame to see Loeffler head back to the private sector, and not just because her loss gave Democrats control of the Senate at a time when they least deserve that power. She had one of the (if not THE) strongest pro-Trump voting records in the upper chamber; for a senator who got to Washington without winning a single vote, she proved consistently that she was there to accurately represent her conservative supporters. The Senate is a worse place without her.

But then, Washington in general is a worse place today than it was for the last four years.

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