Palestinian Leader: Bad Jewish Banking Practices Caused the Holocaust

It’s worth taking notice of a speech Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave this week and reflect on the fact that the global liberal order expects Israel to live side by side in harmony with these people. Abbas has done a better job than some of his predecessors at keeping his Jew-hatred under a lid of political correctness, but he can’t help himself once he gets going. And in a speech to the Palestinian National Council on Monday, Abbas rambled long enough that we were treated to some of his bizarre and hateful theories regarding Jews, their claims to Israeli land, and the aggravating factors behind the Holocaust.

In the speech, Abbas took listeners on a journey through Anti-Semitism Town, calling on some of the conspiracy tropes that have kept Jews on the defensive for decades, if not longer. He said that the modern Jews of Israel had no ethnic connection to ancient Israelites and thus had no claim to the disputed territory they now call home. Citing a book called “The Thirteenth Tribe,” Abbas said that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars, meaning the modern European Jew has “no historical ties” to the country now called Israel.

“Those who sought a Jewish state weren’t Jews,” he said.

Abbas’ most controversial comments, however, were reserved for his chronicling of the Jewish massacre of World War II. Long a Holocaust denier who claims that the figure of six million killed is a wild exaggeration, Abbas told his audience that the Holocaust had nothing to do with anti-Semitism; rather, the Jews brought it on themselves with their “social behavior, charging interest, and financial matters.”

If it weren’t for those Jews being so damned Jewy, Hitler would have left them alone!

We eagerly look forward to the Hollywood Palestinian sympathizers who will pull a Natalie Portman and withdraw their support for the current leadership in the West Bank as a result of these disgusting remarks.

Abbas went on to make it clear that he had no interest in pursuing a peaceful negotiating process with the Netanyahu administration. He said that he would not entertain any peace deal that was brokered by the United States, calling Trump’s decision to move the embassy back to Jerusalem “completely unacceptable.”

Well, we hate to tell you this, Abbas, but your time is running out. Right now, you have the best chance of a successful deal that you’re ever going to get. Donald Trump is pro-Israel, but he is much more concerned with “making history” in the Middle East than he is with making sure Netanyahu gets everything he wants. If you found your way to compromise now, you could improve the lives of your people in a way that would be remembered for generations. But to do that, you would have to abandon your own lust for absolute power and absolute victory. Oh, and maybe put a lid on some of that deep-seated prejudice.

It seems it’s not going to happen. It seems the status quo is good enough for the Palestinian leadership. Unfortunate thing is, that status quo may not be long for this world, either.

Clock’s ticking, bro.

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