Palin: It’s Time to Impeach the President

Sarah Palin, no stranger to drumming up controversy with her plain-spoken manner and conservative integrity, is making waves again in an op-ed piece published on Breitbart. Citing Obama’s failure to do anything about the escalating situation on the border of Texas and Mexico, she wrote that it might be time to consider impeaching the Democrat.

“It’s time to impeach,” Palin wrote on Tuesday, “and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.”

While the mainstream liberal media has done everything but ignore Palin’s editorial, she’s hardly the first conservative mouthpiece to advocate throwing the President out of office. Just last week, Texas governor Rick Perry went out of his way to call Obama out on the carpet for his failure to meet with him regarding the border crisis. The crisis in question – a steady wave of illegal immigrants threatening to overwhelm authorities at the border – is arguably the result of Obama’s weak attitude towards deportation.

Weak attitude, in fact, may be a nice way of putting it. The truth is that this administration has been an illegal immigrant’s best friend, reducing border security to the point that it is ineffectual and following that up with calls for amnesty that only embolden would-be refugees. Put that together with Obama’s constant push to get these illegals on welfare programs, give them provisional drivers’ licenses, and sidestep any attempts to, you know, actually deport them, and you get the kind of policy that is creating a real problem in South Texas.

It seems clear that, given the chance, Obama would be perfectly content to throw the borders wide open and allow the U.S. to become North Mexico by the time his term came to an end. Political reality won’t let him go that far, but his failure to take a hard stance on the issue has thrown the situation into turmoil. It would almost be better if he did present an open-border strategy because at least then everyone could see what kind of nutty liberalism we’re dealing with and take the appropriate measures to stomp it out. Instead, he waffles this way and that, infusing his speeches with tough talk while letting the problem slip into a deeper abyss by the day.

A Democrat-controlled Senate is not going to sign off on impeachment even if the House was bold enough to vote it through, but Palin’s harsh words are needed at this time. Americans desperately need to recognize the dangers of Obama’s weak immigration policy and demand that something be done.

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