Parents Fight Back Against School’s Racial Equity Training

In one of the first examples of parents finally pushing back against the unscientific, unaccredited liberal programs meant to train teachers and staff a different way to teach racial minorities, a group of outraged residents in Lee’s Summit, Missouri have had enough. Thanks to these families and their tireless complaints against the school district, education officials have announced they will not bring in Pacific Education Group to brainwash their teachers with their patented cultural and racial equity programs.

Last month, school district officials announced that because of a lingering racial gap in achievement scores, they would spent $7,000 to bring in PEG, whose mission is to “achieve racial equity in education.” PEG, founded in 1992, saw their business model explode in the Obama years, particularly in the wake of Ferguson, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the campus protests that followed. While racial achievement gaps have long been a source of concern in public education, PEG was one of the first groups to determine that it was the education system – not the culture of minority students – that needed to change.

Complaints rolled in, though they did not question the value or importance of raising the achievement scores of minority students. Rather, they worried that the school district would soon be focusing exclusively on the failing grades of black students at the expense of lower-achieving whites, children with disabilities, and other low-performing kids. Others were concerned about PEG specifically, which has built a brand for itself with a curriculum that focuses heavily on controversial topics like white privilege.

It has become nearly impossible to talk about the racial achievement gap in school without either, A) Buying into the ideology of PEG, or B) Being labeled some kind of privileged racist. This is, of course, the very scenario where good ideas go to die. When there is only one “acceptable” way of looking at a situation, you can be sure that entropy will set in, the echo chamber will grow, and solutions will vanish.

But no matter what the current politically correct way to think about this problem might be, you’re never going to solve it by tailoring education to minority students, as if they were some separate species in need of alternative education. You can’t solve discipline problems by no longer administering discipline and you can’t solve achievement gaps by no longer demanding that minority students meet the standards. That’s just the way it is.

The liberal way is always to point the finger at the “system,” which excuses any “oppressed” peoples from having to take responsibility for their own lives. It isn’t working, it hasn’t ever worked, and it will never work.

Good for the parents of Lee’s Summit for understanding that.

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