Parents Stand Up to Leftists for Children’s Rights

In Virginia’s Loudoun County, parents have taken a stand for their own children against sexual indoctrination, religious persecution and racism within their own schools. The district has made the headlines several times over the past month, as tensions rise between the freedom-loving American families and the oppressively divisive leaders of the school district.

Tuesday night, parents stood up for their own children and for families around the nation in actions during a school board meeting designed to be a public hearing. The discussion was set to address parents’ concerns on Draft Policy 8040, which would require Loudoun County Public School employees to use students’ preferred gender pronouns and change bathroom usage policies between boys and girls. 

Although a vote by the school board is not expected until August 10th, parents’ concerns about the issues have been widespread in the months leading up to the potential decision. At the meeting Tuesday night, concerns rose to a boiling point as parents were shut down from expressing themselves during the public discussion. 

259 residents had signed up to speak at the meeting as parents lined up to enter a packed auditorium to address their concerns to the school board. The first 6 who spoke were in support of the changes within the school. But the 7th, also in support of the change, began speaking against other parents’ beliefs within the room. Being a self-declared transgender Mother, she declared that “hate was dripping from the followers of Jesus in the room”. This was met with boo’s from parents in the room against the claim. With this, the board declared a 5-minute recess within the room to let tensions cool. 

Talks resumed with parents from both sides of the issue sharing their freedom for discussion. Some parents even requested that board members resign and save the taxpayers money for their schools. Former State Senator Dick Black got a chance to speak, including statements that progressive members of the board had even gone as far as to write up a list of all the conservative parents to harass and publicly shame. In support of the opposition to this, the chamber erupted in cheers from a mass number of parents, prompting the board to end public discussion immediately.

This led to a mass roar of chants shouting “shame on you!” to the school board. Following this, parents joined together to sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ as board members filed out and left the room in disgrace. The meeting was then declared an unlawful assembly, and as parents refused to leave the room without getting a chance to speak, 2 were even arrested. The school board’s superintendent was the one who declared the meeting an unlawful assembly. Out of the 259, only 51 voices were allowed to speak. 

Over 10,000 parents and taxpayers have signed a petition against the school board’s actions. The petition itself calls for the immediate removal of a majority of those who have seats on the school board itself. 

Ian Prior, who leads the Fight for Schools PAC, said to Fox News that, “As parents, we have done our homework, have seen how our children are being taught and their teachers are being trained. Those school board members continue to ignore the voice of the unsilent majority and deny what we all know – Loudoun County Public Schools is not a welcoming environment for students, parents, and teachers who put excellence in education before political activism in schools”. 

A parent from the school was reported to ask, “What does it say when progressives view their work as more important than parents, students, rule of law and the First Amendment?”.

Going back to the beginning, issues between parents and the school district began a month ago as the school district decided to require students’ desired gender pronouns to be used. It is important to note that the issues at hand are all happening in an Elementary school where young Virginia Parents Stand Up for Children’s Freedom in School students are being forced to be educated on matters of critical race theory and transgender rights. In opposition to this, a gym teacher for the Elementary school named Tanner Cross was suspended for sharing his opinions on the matter. 

Tanner said to the school board that, “I love all of my students, but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher, but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God.” 

In a common-sense victory for the freedom of speech, a judge reinstated his employment after the suspension. The school board is currently appealing this decision. 

Only a short period of time after this incident, a middle school student’s Christian family requested that their child not be a part of sexual indoctrination during required seminars within the school. The student was forced to sit in a small room alone after the request and was segregated from the rest of the classroom due to the family’s belief structure. The Father of the student stated to Fox News that, “We’re a Christian household, and we have certain views that are our religious beliefs, and we’ve shared that with our child. They’re supposed to be learning math, English, science, not how to fit into a leftist society”. 

The parents of Loudoun County children and parents across the entire United States should have the right to free speech. They should also be given the opportunity to defend themselves to stand up for what is right within American educational systems. Progressive ideologies cannot take over the minds of our children and should not be funded by our everyday tax dollars that come from the hard-working families themselves.

Parents must continue to make a stand here and speak freely to raise awareness as much as possible on what is happening here and all the corruption and division that is being secretly mandated within our schools without proper media acknowledgment. The silent majority is speaking up. And it looks as if the constitution and our systems of law might and should be there right beside the parents to stand with them for the future of our children’s minds. This story is far from over, and more updates will be coming as the story unfolds.

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