“Pathetic!”: Liberals Go Nuts After Kurt Suzuki Dons MAGA Hat

While several minority members of the Washington Nationals baseball team refused to go to the official White House visit on Monday, several other players welcomed the opportunity to meet President Donald Trump. Catcher Kurt Suzuki was so pumped about the moment that he slipped a Make America Great Again cap on his head just before taking to the speaking podium. This demonstration of unabashed support for the president inspired Trump to give him a hug…and also resulted in some predictably vile backlash from leftists on social media.

“Putting on a ‘MAGA’ hat is a form of racist hate speech and an implicit threat of violence,” the imbeciles at the Palmer Report tweeted. “Kurt Suzuki should be banned from baseball. If you don’t like this tweet, f**k you.”

Not satisfied with merely making fools of themselves, the Palmer Report decided to double down with a second ill-advised tweet: “If he wore a swastika hat, he’d get banned from baseball – and a MAGA hat is no different.”

Ok, millennial.

The outrage wasn’t contained to the liberal blogosphere. Onetime CNN host Soledad O’Brien was so disgusted by Suzuki’s headwear that she could only boil it down to a single word: “Pathetic.”

New York Times contributor and self-styled Islamophobia scholar Wajahat Ali tweeted, “They will never love you, Kurt Suzuki. They will never love you. Enjoy the hug and the delusion. Whatever makes you feel great.”

They really think this way.

“This much was always going to be true: A lot of fans were going to learn something they didn’t want to learn about their heroes. Still, for some, Monday’s display unnecessarily shredded a generation’s worth of goodwill for no good reason,” whined Washington sports reporter Noah Frank.

In USA Today, opinion columnist Christine Brennan had these astoundingly hypocritical observations:

When the Nationals announced last week that they were going to the White House so quickly after the World Series, the conventional wisdom was that this would be the same. They would bend over backwards to make this as nonpartisan as possible.

That would be the right thing to do, of course. It also would be the smart business play.

She then follows that up with this: “When pitcher Sean Doolittle announced in a thoughtful interview with The Washington Post that he wouldn’t be visiting the White House because of Trump’s ‘divisive rhetoric and the enabling of conspiracy theories and widening the divide in this country,’ that made sense to many in the area. So too did the decision by the Nationals’ owners, the Lerner family, to not see or talk to Trump during his Game 5 visit to Nationals Park.”

So, when you put on a MAGA hat and cheer President Trump’s policies, you’re being divisive and partisan and racist. When you bash Trump’s rhetoric and refuse to meet with him, you’re being “thoughtful.” You’re “making sense.”


But this is the liberal bubble, where every decent person loathes Trump and anyone who doesn’t is an unstable deplorable.

Four years after Trump rode down that escalator, these idiots haven’t learned a single thing.

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