PC Overlords: “Freshman” Now Offensive

If I know Fix This Nation subscribers, I’m sure many of you check regularly to make sure you’re not accidentally using any offensive words or phrases that have been deemed politically incorrect by our liberal masters. Because of that, it’s my duty to inform you that there’s another useful, formerly-innocuous word you should strike from your vocabulary: “freshman.”

According to Elon University in North Carolina, the term freshman does not promote the inclusivity and diversity the small private college is known for. Therefore, they will be making the switch to the more palatable “first-year student” this fall. The news undoubtedly comes as a relief to the millions of women who have been mercilessly oppressed and marginalized by the sexist term for the last 400 years.

According to Elon’s Leigh-Anne Royster, the term may contribute to sexual assault on campus because it places a label on the youngest students, making them a target for hostility. By changing the term, Royster wisely believes that rape-minded students will no longer be able to identify weaker victims among the campus populace. She also believes replacing the term with the generic “first-year” denotation will help our culture to move past outdated “gender binary” notions.

The move just goes to reinforce how far ahead North Carolina’s liberals are when compared to the rest of the country. After all, Elon is following in the footsteps of the University of North Carolina, which removed the term “freshman” from its official materials in 2012. No reports have yet demonstrated how this change has affected levels of sexual violence on the UNC campus, but, I mean, you can just imagine.

First the Language, Then the World

If a language-change like this seems only trivially annoying, it’s important to understand the deeper context. This isn’t just about putting gender equity into the language. It’s about erasing gender lines altogether. Liberals, fed a never-ending stream of pseudo-science from LGBT advocates and third-wave feminists, have come to realize that women shouldn’t just be “equal,” they should be exactly the same. In some cases, they should even be given special privileges to make up for the years of oppressive patriarchy. Changing the language is just a small, but politically-powerful way for them to move closer to those ideals.

It’s not only absurd to think that a terminology change like this would reduce sexual assault, it’s absurd to think that anyone actually believes that it would. Therefore, you have to look for ulterior motives. What could those be?

Well, changing language in this way allows liberalism to once again take control of the conversation. What better way to shut down an argument about any topic in the world than to say, “I’m not talking to you, you just used the word ‘freshman.’ That’s sexist!” It allows PC liberals to occupy a higher moral landscape without actually accomplishing a thing. You can debate these political topics with this crowd, but you have to do it in a way that conforms to their rules on speech. By handcuffing the opposition, they’ve won the debate before it ever begins.

I wouldn’t typically expect a ridiculous term-change like this to spread, but history has proven again and again that these language modifications are exceptionally popular. No longer do we have stewardesses, waitresses, janitors, bums, retarded people, or midgets. These words, once perfectly useful, have been replaced by updated terms that sound different but otherwise accomplish nothing. Liberalism defined.

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