Pelosi Actually Thinks She Accomplished Something With Delay


There comes a certain point where left-wing Democratic talking points push through “infuriating” and become almost laughably idiotic.

We’ve definitely reached that point this week when listening to Democrats talk about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate. We get the feeling that Pelosi has realized that this is a failed gambit, whose point was never entirely clear to begin with. But since she’s never going to come out and admit that, yeah, that was stupid, we have her buddy over in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, telling reporters that it was a brilliant move that paid dividends.

Stifle your laughter in the back, please!

As he tried to defend Pelosi’s decision to hold onto the impeachment articles on Tuesday, Schumer explained: “She wanted to see the arena in which she was playing when it came to a trial so she could appoint impeachment managers. Now it’s becoming clear that Mitch McConnell will do whatever he can to avoid a fair trial, so she has some idea of what’s happening.”

Uh-huh. But…but, that’s what Pelosi said right after the impeachment vote. So she already knew the arena. She already knew that McConnell would not give this impeachment a “fair trial” in her view. We thought the point of withholding the articles was to pressure/force Senate Republicans to give in to all of the House’s demands? And since that didn’t happen, what can we call this other than an unmitigated failure?

According to Fox News’s Chad Pergram, Schumer went even further, insisting that Pelosi’s delay had a concrete impact in that it “prevented a quick acquittal” of Trump in the Senate.

Er, yeah, you pushed it back a whole week or two. You might want to put the champagne back in the cellar.

And yet Pelosi appeared to dig her heels in on Wednesday, insisting in a letter to her Democratic colleagues that she would only transmit the articles of impeachment when McConnell published a resolution outlining the exact terms of the Senate trial.

“Sadly, Leader McConnell has made clear that his loyalty is to the President and not the Constitution,” Pelosi wrote. “Leader McConnell has insisted that the approach under consideration is identical to those of the Clinton trial and that ‘fair is fair.’ This is simply not true.”

Well, it is true.

What’s not true is that Pelosi, after playing fast and loose with the rules of impeachment in the House, has any moral or legal authority to make demands of the Senate. At this point, she’s trying desperately to salvage a political blunder of the highest order and convince some tiny fraction of the public in the political middle that impeaching the president was a wise decision. The odds of her actually accomplishing that goal get longer by the day.

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