Pelosi Desperately Tries to Turn Booming Economy Into Bad News

The Trump administration released the May jobs report last week, and while it was not the extraordinarily good news that we’ve almost come to expect over the last year or two, it was hardly a disaster, either. The unemployment rate remains at 3.6%, which represents the continuation of a 50-year low in this country.

For any other president, this would be heralded as a powerful confirmation of his policies and a difficult-to-overcome argument for a second term in office. But since it’s Trump, even the slightest sign of a slowdown is seized by the media and the Democrats as TOTAL DISASTER, and no one leaned into it as absurdly as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“The May jobs report is a disturbing sign that the Administration’s disastrous special interest agenda is hollowing out our economy, fueling instability and jeopardizing the financial security of working families across America,” Pelosi said in a statement. “While the wealthy and well-connected enjoy massive windfalls from the GOP Tax Scam for the rich, countless hard-working Americans are one unexpected expense away from financial ruin.

“Families across the country need decisive action to strengthen their health and financial well-being, not more special interest giveaways and reckless threats from the President that threaten to sow chaos in our economy,” she continued.

That is some extraordinary talk for a jobs report that showed the economy CREATED 75,000 new jobs for the month of May.

“House Democrats are fighting For The People, delivering results on issues that matter in their lives,” Pelosi said. “Our House Majority is acting to lower the price of prescription drugs and protect health benefits for Americans with pre-existing conditions, to raise wages by rebuilding America with bold investments in green, modern, job-creating infrastructure, and to clean up corruption to make Washington work for the public interest, not the special interests. We will continue to advance progress so that our communities, our economy and our nation can grow and thrive.”

Ridiculous. Your House Democrats are passing bills to legalize Dreamers, throw our economy into disarray with asinine climate policy, and investigating President Trump on crimes for which he has already been exonerated. Meanwhile, you’re standing in the way of progress on the border, progress on infrastructure, and progress on many other issues that are important to the public. That’s what House Democrats are doing.

It was always going to be a tightrope for Democrats next year as they try campaigning against the booming economy, but apparently they’re just going to go ahead and do it. Good luck with that, guys. Can’t wait to see how it works out for you.

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