Pelosi Says Democrats Will Restore “Fiscal Sanity” to Congress

It’s a little early for an April Fools’ Day joke, but Nancy Pelosi and Jim McGovern must have been in a joshing mood when they penned this op-ed for USA Today. Defying history, common sense, and everything we know about what the Democrats would like to do in terms of government expansion, the new House Speaker informed us that she and her cohorts were on a mission. A mission to bring the U.S. government back to a foundation of fiscal responsibility.

No. Really.

In the op-ed, Pelosi and McGovern introduced the country to their broad-based agenda for the country, which includes not only investigating President Donald Trump for everything under the sun but also getting the deficit under control. Because ensuring that we don’t blow up the national debt has always been a huge part of the left’s agenda. Everyone knows that!

“Our rules will end the budget gimmickry Republicans have used to conceal the full cost of their special interest giveaways,” they wrote. “After Republicans’ deficit-exploding, trillion dollar handouts to the wealthiest 1 percent and big corporations, Democrats will restore budget rules to ensure that Congress returns to fiscal sanity. No longer will devious loopholes be used to balloon the deficit with more giveaways to the ultrawealthy at the expense of working families.”

Ah yes, now we remember. Democrats only care about the exploding deficit when one of two things are true: 1, we want to properly fund our national security apparatus, or 2, we just had a round of tax cuts. Anything else, they’re happy to watch trillions of American tax dollars go to waste helping the, cough cough, “working families” who make up their voting base. Well, we supposed strolling to the welfare office is a form of work.

When it comes to fiscal responsibility, no conservative website does a better job of keeping the books than CNS News. Here’s what they had to say in response to Pelosi’s absurd promise to restore “fiscal sanity” to the nation.

“In fiscal 2009 and fiscal 2010, the last two full fiscal years that Democrats controlled the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi was speaker, the federal government ran deficits of $1,412,688,000,000 and $1,294,373,000,000, according to historical budget numbers published by the Office of Management and Budget,” CNS reported. “In the ensuing years, when Republicans controlled the House, the federal government continued to run massive deficits—including a $1,299,599,000,000 deficit in fiscal 2011 and a $1,086,955,000,000 deficit in fiscal 2012.”

To be sure, the current Republican Congress has done a rather lazy job of keeping expenditures under control, and that’s worth talking about. But the only interest Democrats have in this topic comes in the form of repealing the GOP tax cuts and withholding badly-needed money for the border. And if you think any of that saved money is coming back to you and your family, you’ve got another think coming.

There are millions of illegal immigrant mouths to feed, after all.

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