Pelosi’s Husband’s Investments: What’s Really Happening

Paul Pelosi’s acquisition of semiconductor shares just before Congress recognized subsidizing the sector has caused weeks of bad news for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This isn’t the first occasion her husband’s stocks have caused her trouble. Moreover, a good number of Paul Pelosi’s dealings make us suggest that he is involved in something fishy with his wife. Insider trading maybe?

Paul Pelosi’s trades have aroused questions since they conflict with Nancy Pelosi’s House position. The newest dust-up over semiconductor equities has reignited bipartisan interest in limiting MPs’ stock trading.

Nancy Pelosi opposed stock trading limits for congressional members and has only given the proposal a shaky endorsement. Paul Pelosi’s investments outperform the sector, and his choices are so successful that traders can track them on an app.

Paul Pelosi’s acquisition of up to $5 million in Nvidia shares before a decision on domestic semiconductor subsidies attracted uproar earlier this month. In addition, he sold stock this week at a deficit as the chip legislation moved forward. Whether they still own shares is uncertain due to uncertainty in disclosure requirements. Legislators and their spouses must reveal investment income in broad categories.

This wasn’t the first time Paul Pelosi had ventured into a semiconductor startup as congressional financing for the industry grew. He bought Micron stock in December as campaigners pressed Congress to adopt legislation. Just under a month before Paul Pelosi bought Micron, the Chamber of Commerce urged Congress to subsidize semiconductors.

Paul Pelosi invested millions in Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, the week after the Judiciary Committee approved antitrust proceedings against big digital companies. These bills to limit Paul Pelosi’s investments never became law. Senate efforts to pass the bill have stalled before the midterms.

Pelosi has publicly supported antitrust laws, but she has apparently stalled them in the Senate for a year.

Nancy Pelosi’s office told Fox Business that she had “no role or prior knowledge” of Paul Pelosi’s Big Tech venture after a committee vote on the industry. However, we all know that is a big lie as all these can’t be mere coincidence. For example, Paul Pelosi’s $3 million acquisition of Microsoft stock last year occurred before two crucial pieces of information that drove up the value of his shares and put the emphasis on his friendship with an influential Washington figure.

Furthermore, on March 19, 2021, Paul Pelosi invested in Microsoft. The Army signed a $22 billion contract with Microsoft to buy augmented reality headsets on March 31, 2021. Microsoft shares rose after the news, CNBC reported. The stock rose 1.7% to $235.77 on Wednesday.

Microsoft bought speech recognition business Nuance Communications for $19 billion in April, signaling investors that it was expanding. The news boosted Microsoft shares.

Paul Pelosi acquired $1 million worth of Tesla stock in 2020. President Biden unveiled a proposal to replace the federal inventory with electric cars just weeks later.

Observers questioned whether the House speaker’s husband knew about the executive order before investing in the country’s largest electric car maker.

Biden hadn’t said whether the government would buy Tesla electric automobiles. Since Paul Pelosi bought Tesla stock, its values have shifted due to Elon Musk’s ideological makeover.

Paul Pelosi’s Tesla stocks in March restored calls for stricter supervision of congressional trades. He spent $2.2 million buying shares he had options to buy.

Furthermore, Paul Pelosi’s 2008 buy of hot Visa stock sparked a 60 Minutes segment on the ethics of stock trading in Congress. Paul Pelosi was allowed to join Visa’s IPO that year, allowing him to buy stock that was limited to a few shareholders at the time. Later, Nancy Pelosi was accused of slow-walking measures that would restrict Visa from charging swipe fees to sellers.

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