Pennsylvania School District No Longer Forced To Stream CNN

Pennsylvania school board voted to end mandatory streaming of a CNN-affiliated program in its middle school amid arguments that such broadcasts are biased.

The Norwin School Board voted 5-4 Monday to end requiring homeroom teachers to show students CNN 10, which is described as “compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.”

“On February 14, 2022 the Norwin School Board voted and approved the following: To remove watching TV during homeroom at the Middle School unless it is either student, teacher or administrator driven to allow students to socialize and interact with each other,” a representative for Norwin School District told Fox News. 

“It was further clarified that the board will allow teachers to use discretion and broadcast videos from all sources, including videos pertaining to patriotic holidays.” 

The patriotic videos include ones regarding events such as Veterans Day or the attack on Pearl Harbor, Trib Live reported

One mom, Ashley Egan of North Huntingdon, said broadcasting CNN-affiliated programs is “feeding [her son] every day that CNN is a label you can trust.” 

CNN 10 was first added to required viewing material in 2019 in the district, after schools had previously viewed similar programs from Channel One. 

Egan added that it “is not unbiased” that the program recommends students “visit our friends on”

While an eighth grade social studies teacher, Kristen Ummer, said that the CNN 10 programming supports the school district’s mission statement of civic engagement

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