“Pervert!” Joe Biden Gets Heckled at New Hampshire Campaign Event

Former Vice President Joe Biden might be leading in all the polls, but he doesn’t have the base or the starpower to draw thousands of people to his campaign rallies. So instead he finds himself in dingy conference rooms talking to tens of voters across Iowa and New Hampshire. Even in these intimate events, Biden can’t manage to keep the hecklers at bay. Biden’s campaign, if not his entire political persona, is so ripe for mockery and disdain that it can’t help but attract protests.

Such was the case in Milford, New Hampshire on Sunday when hecklers interrupted Biden’s stump speech to yell at him about Ukraine, the impeachment inquiry, and his predilection for putting his hands where they don’t belong.

“Don’t touch kids, you pervert,” one man yelled at the 2020 Democratic contender.

“The truth is going to come out, buddy,” said a woman in the audience.

A third individual loudly wondered where Hunter Biden and the former vice president hid the money they “earned from Ukraine.”

Biden struggled to deal with the interruptions, noting pointlessly, “This is not a Trump rally.”

Well, no, we knew that, Joe. You could tell by the intense lack of interest.

“This…this is a democracy,” he continued, apropos of nothing.

While it is perhaps a bit harsh to insinuate that Joe Biden is a “kid toucher,” it is remarkable how quickly the media swept his numerous accusers under the rug. We certainly don’t have any evidence to suggest that Biden is a pedophile or anything like that, but he does have a long and storied history of giving women (including some much younger “women”) unwanted physical attention. This story broke big when Biden first announced his candidacy, but once the media realized that they might be knocking down the only guy with any chance of defeating Trump, they quickly moved on to the next story. Judging by the hecklers, not everyone is suffering from the same amnesia.

Biden’s predilection for sniffing hair and giving unwanted back rubs isn’t particularly interesting to us (except that his exoneration is evidence of the left’s utterly cynical hypocrisy), but his involvement in Ukraine is. And because neither the media nor his fellow Democratic primary challengers are willing to grill him on it, he’s going to be ripe for the picking when the general election moves into full swing. Assuming he wins the nomination, Biden is going to get hammered by President Trump for his own “quid pro quo” regarding Ukraine, Burisma, a certain prosecutor, and his son, Hunter.

If his only answer to these suspicions is the one he gave this weekend (a non sequitur about Trump’s tax returns), he is going to be in serious trouble.

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