Piers Morgan Slams Media for Hiding President Biden’s Vaccine Lies

In a piece for the UK’s Daily Mail, provocative British journalist Piers Morgan said the American media should be ashamed of itself for not reporting accurately on President Joe Biden’s lies regarding the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.

“President Biden told Trump-sized lies about the vaccine roll-out – but the groveling US media was too busy putting halos on Saints Joe and Kamala to say so. No wonder Trump supporters still don’t believe anything they hear,” Morgan wrote.

Morgan, who has been alternatively defensive and critical of former President Trump over the last four years, said that neither the media nor the current president is being honest with the public. He said Biden came into office promising truthfulness and transparency, but “he couldn’t help himself and promptly spewed the kind of brazen, bare-faced, media-bashing whopper that Trump would have loved.”

At issue for Morgan was Biden’s oft-stated goal of getting 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days of his presidency. Morgan said it was a total media failure not to report to the public that this rate was already being met by the Trump administration.

“This is the under-promise, over-deliver type of sneaky political spin,” he sneered.

Morgan said that he might have let this particular piece of political shadiness go without comment were it not for an exchange President Biden had with a reporter on Friday. In his remarks, Biden suggested that the media is sewing doubt about his vaccination goal by telling the public that it’s “not possible” to achieve those numbers.

“This was utter nonsense,” Morgan wrote. “Nobody qualified to comment in the mainstream media said it was impossible. He chose to pretend the media had ALL attacked him for making an impossible promise. And he did that to deflect them from rightly pulling him up on the weakness of his pledge.”

Morgan said he would have liked to see the U.S. media go after Biden in the “way they did to Trump from the moment HE got elected and hold his feet to ferocious fire.”

“Instead, the open fawning has carried on in quite a nauseating manner,” he mused. “With the exception of Fox News, Americans news networks and newspapers have fought amongst each other to see who can win the title of Biggest Biden Today.”

Yes, it reminds one inevitably of the Obama years, when the nation’s first black president was treated as though he descended straight from the glorious mountaintop to lead a wayward nation out of recession – both moral and economic. All the while never understanding that their very failure to cover him fairly gave rise to the alternative media landscape they now hate with all their guts.

What will rise from the ashes of this latest volcano of lies?

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