Plagiarizer: Biden Caught Cribbing Climate Plan From Energy Coalition

This week, Joe Biden unveiled his massive climate change action plan in a transparent attempt to get some of that sweet, sweet AOC-tinged fairy dust on his campaign. While not necessarily needing any help from the far-left so far – he’s dominating the Democratic primary field in every single poll – it never hurts to get out in front of what will be a problem down the road. Once the field narrows to just Biden and Bernie Sanders, which it almost inevitably will, the socialists are going to really crank up the pressure on old Uncle Joe. This climate plan was his attempt to be like, Hey kids, I’m just like you!

Unfortunately for him, he’s now been busted cribbing his plan from other sources.

“Joe Biden’s presidential campaign lifted language without credit, at times word for word, when crafting its education and climate plans, incidents the campaign acknowledged and said were inadvertent,” reports the Washington Post. “The incidents appeared to be staff errors when detailing Biden’s policies, and they underscored how hastily his campaign was attempting to put out specific proposals. But the issue was a particularly sensitive one for Biden, whose 1988 campaign was derailed after he plagiarized, in speeches, rhetoric used by British politician Neil Kinnock.”

So Biden didn’t just plagiarize his climate homework this week, but he’s also been caught plagiarizing in the past. Maybe he was too busy rubbing shoulders and sniffing hair back in high school to learn that it’s not okay to take someone’s else’s work and make it his own.

We imagine the climate-frenzied left could give Biden a pass on this minor ethical infraction. The real problem isn’t that he stole a few lines here and there…it’s who he stole those lines from. See, Biden didn’t crib together his climate plan using stolen lines from the Sunrise Movement or the Green New Deal (although the meat of his plan does originate from those sources). No, he took lines from the Carbon Capture Coalition, which is a group formed by members such as Shell and Peabody Energy. The BAD GUYS, in other words!

Josh Nelson, a progressive activist, was the one who noticed the language similarities.

“It is certainly not a good sign for a Democratic presidential candidate to be copying things verbatim from a group associated with the coal industry,” Nelson said, according to the Post.

Frankly, we’re more concerned with the $1.7 trillion in taxpayer money Biden is planning to steal from us to pay for his plan than a few lines he stole from the fossil fuel industry. But in what promises to be a vicious Democratic primary, this will just be more ammunition his opponents can lob against the frontrunner.  

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