Planned Parenthood Fires President for Being Too Focused on Healthcare

Planned Parenthood has been telling us for years that it is a women’s healthcare organization that just happens to perform a handful of abortions every year as part of a perfectly balanced clinical approach to the discipline. But with every move the organization makes, it proves to anyone listening that abortion – though it purportedly only makes up “three percent” of their total operations – is what Planned Parenthood is really all about. And their decision to remove Dr. Leana Wen from the presidency is just the latest confirmation of that truth.

Dr. Wen will be temporarily replaced by Alexis McGill Johnson, “a renowned social justice leader and tireless advocate for reproductive rights and access to quality, affordable health care.”

While Wen brought a medical degree and a veneer of respectability to the hostile, leftist organization, Planned Parenthood officials apparently thought she was a little too focused on the phony “health care” aspect of the business and not focused enough on the important stuff, i.e., politics. That’s why they chose Johnson to replace her for the time being – she doesn’t have any medical training, but she used to lead the Perception Institute, which translated “cutting edge mind science research on race, gender, ethnic, and other identities into solutions that reduce bias and discrimination, and promote belonging.”

Uh huh.

“I am not at all surprised that Planned Parenthood apparently wants to replace a leader who is a healthcare professional with someone who is more aggressive politically,” said Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life. “They pass themselves off as a healthcare organization, but are instead a political machine pumping tens of millions of dollars into races for radical Democrat candidates who will protect the Planned Parenthood baby-killing agenda.”

Indeed, the New York Times reports that the PP board of directors “felt it needed a more aggressive political leader to fight the efforts to roll back access to abortions.”

Those efforts have certainly begun, and while Planned Parenthood would love to characterize it as Trump vs. The Women, what we’re seeing now is a broad, cultural shift on the subject of abortions. Yes, there’s a new conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Yes, we have a pro-life president. Yes, states like Georgia and Alabama have put strong abortion restrictions on the law books. But these things have happened because the American people are ready for change. Democrats want abortion available to women at any time, at any place, at any point in any pregnancy, for any reason.

Only 18% of Americans agree with that recipe for genocide.

The political walls are closing in on Planned Parenthood. And through the war, this sick organization’s true colors will be revealed.

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