Plot to Protect Hillary Coming Unraveled

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that emails recovered from a Freedom of Information Act Request show that White House officials colluded with State Department officials on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

In early March of 2015, the New York Times published the first story that publicly revealed that Hillary had used a private email server while working at the State Department.

Ten days later, White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri sent an email to State Department communications director Jennifer Psaki about an appearance John Kerry was scheduled to make on CBS’s Face the Nation program.

“Between us on the shows,” she wrote. “Think we can get this done so he is not asked about email?”

Palmieri, though she still worked at the White House, had already announced that she would be resigning soon to join the Clinton campaign.

She apparently got what she wanted. From WSJ:

A day later, Ms. Psaki added, “Good to go on killing CBS idea.” She continued, “And we are going to hold on any other TV options just given the swirl of crap out there.” Mr. Kerry wasn’t asked on CBS about the email server, though it isn’t clear how Ms. Psaki could have guaranteed that.

Teased by Ms. Palmieri about her use of the phrase “swirl of crap,” Ms. Psaki wrote back: “Ha I mean—the challenging stories out there.”

CBS told the Journal that they did not offer the State Department any assurances as it pertained to the interview, saying “no subject was off-limits” at the time.

But then, they would say that, eh?

According to State Department spokesman John Kirby, there was nothing wrong with Palmieri and Psaki communicating in this way. “It is common practice,” he told the WSJ, “for State Department and White House staffers to be in touch when agency officials are potentially conducting television interviews.”

And again, they would say that.

By the time everything is out in the open – if that day ever comes – even those of us who are already quite skeptical of the official story may be astonished at just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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